Marx Organization

But more back she appeared Marx with its economic conception of the society since it affirmed that it was not more than the relations between the social groups, that is to say, the society is not another thing that the economic relations between the men. The man, when cooperating with other to satisfy his needs, settles down production relations. Of Marx he begins there to speak of superstructures and substructures. The defending denominated ones came later from " theory of conflicto" (although the marxism can be registered here also) that says that the men must compete by the access to the resources of the life and that the society is a device of organization to put in relation to this population of organisms. In century XIX the evolutionary theory was put to make sequences of development for the institutional scopes of the society. It was by all means, the beginning of the industrial revolution. Soon Durkheim, with its criterion of which the society cannot be considered a mere sum of the wills of the individuals but is an organization.

It appeared psychology-social and with them the ideas like interaction, symbols, social person. And they followed: the society in process, the units of social relations. And &quot appeared in the scene the word; comunidad". And by all means an evolutionary process of the word-concept similar to the narrated one. It is a local base for the society units, are aspects of the society such as regarding solidarity (communal concept) and the others more. The community concept has invaded many of the present discussions on the political organization. It is maintained, for example, that community comes to have something common. And a definition that she had written down in some old notebook and whose source I did not annex and that I especially like: " The communities are a form of solicitud". The certain thing is that I investigate and the word community is already in texts of Aristotle, but of so rancid ancestry passage to the concepts that the government of James Cameron in Great Britain is handling, a Tory government as it is known.