Manchester City

The captain of the Arsenal has still not wanted to break with its club. The Bara maintains its supply in 30 million Euros, but they request more. Sunday, ' gunners' they maintain course to Asia to do the preseason. The Catalan midfield player Cesc Fbregas has not exercised itself with his equipment in the first day of training of the Arsenal and has carried out an individual work in the gymnasium, since the player with the club had already decided, while he continues himself negotiating his possible signing by Barcelona, according to sources next to the midfield player. The starting of the preseason in the Arsenal is a fact and the march of Cesc follows without signing itself, which is creating a situation of certain instability, since the player does not want to declare itself in revolt, for being still the captain and for being a symbol for the liking ' gunner' , according to the same sources. The Arsenal gives account in its site in Internet of the first training in the locality of London Coleny, but it does not talk about the situation of Fbregas, that does not appear in any of the nineteen photographies that are hung in its page with respect to the preparatory session. Cesc Fbregas for a long time it has been having a contract with the Barcelona and is at the expense of which the Catalan club and the Arsenal close an agreement, although the amounts that supply both parts do not seem to be still near. The one of the Bara it does not happen of the 30 million Euros and the English is clearly superior.

The captain of the Arsenal has still not wanted to break with its club, but the present situation makes anticipate that the player wants that the Arsenal reaches an agreement by the crossing, post that in the amount that is will arrive to him clean, because the English club fich to the player when this one was in the quarry of the Bara and only had to pay a testimonial money by formation rights. The next Sunday, the Arsenal will start off for Asia to initiate its demurrage of preseason, a period that counts on a publicity in which the Catalan player has itself including a, who hopes that by then its exit has taken shape towards the FC Barcelona. On the other hand, the Arsenal has confirmed today that his player Gal Clichy has fichado by the Manchester City, after the organization of the north of England did east Monday. Source of the news: Cesc Fbregas does not train with the Arsenal and works alone in the gymnasium