Lars Mardfeldt

You must not long torment themselves through music videos, you can not suffer.” Drummer Aaron added: I like the individuality of the transmitter. He is simply great!”with the launch of the rock channel we demonstrate the complexity of our music editors. Incentive and confirmation that is a legend like Bela B for the rock channel Godfather, for our editorial offices at the same time”, so Oliver Koch, one of the two founders of the music channel. For the first time we have won an award-winning international band launch support talent with Billy”, adds his partner Tobias Frohlich. The QTom concept finds enthusiastic supporters not only in the national music scene, but attracted attention even in international circles.” Since the introduction of the genre worlds, QTom artists give the Jack in your hand: end of October presented the newly launched pop channel die Fantastischen Vier an enthusiastic music community and led with an exclusive material through 20 years of band history. On November 12, the founding fathers of the German hip hop Kool Savas, the Stieber twins, Cora E. and Olli banjo were Pate at the introduction of hip hop & r’n ‘ B channel. Now come too Rock fans their money’s worth.

QTom offers the viewer customized music television in best quality. About three simple knobs, he can customize the program to their individual taste. With the rock channel, the third world of the genre is open now. An electric & dance channel will follow in the coming weeks. IPTV the German IPTV Association, a merger which has leading IPTV firms in Germany, QTom equal for two of the four categories of the IPTV Awards-nominated.

“The jury of the German IPTV Association, consisting among others of Corinna C. Poeszus (General Manager, universal publishing production music), Sascha Lobo (star bloggers, Microbloggers, author) and Thomas Staneker (Executive Vice President T-com innovation), honor the concept of QTom with a nomination in the category of most innovative format”. Award worthy, also the underlying business is model according to the prestigious jury. QTom is free for the viewer and is financed by advertising. Enables a specific wishes of the individual music QTom the advertisers an unerring use of predefined target groups. There is a commercial-free premium model in planning. The German IPTV award will be awarded on November 26 for the third time, and is regarded as the most prestigious award of the industry. About QTom your music rules! QTom offers viewers the opportunity to intervene itself easily in the music program and via rotary knob to fit your own taste. The content is supplied by the music labels and broadcast in high audio and video quality via stream in the IPTV television or the Web browser. The concept of QTom provides advertising sales and is free for the Viewer. Through a targeted wishes of the individual music QTom enables accurate operation of predefined target groups of advertisers. A commercial-free premium model is in planning. Press contact: QTom GmbH Alexandra Vollert email: Tel: 030 47988143 Lars Mardfeldt email: Tel: 040-298677-51