Jesse Pomeroy

Kneeling on a grains of maize, with open arms on the cross, a book in each hand, Jesse Pomeroy was helpless as he approached the whip to bite your skin and make sparks of blood under the dim light that filtered through a skylight at the top of sheds. Jesse was increasingly massive beatings by drunken father. a Given the impotence of being attacked by his father and perhaps as a defense mechanism, Pomeroy son became a sort of sadomasochistic child. He eventually received with delight the savage beating unhealthy, the paroxysmal spanking. a However, things began to change as they grow Jesse. to the accounts of that period indicate that his appearance was truly overwhelming.

With each year his face assumed a terrible aspect. Deformities of the nose, swollen eyelids and cheeks constantly gave him an almost unreal. Always pale and preoccupied, was a kind of spectrum. His body was too big for his age. His head was a huge hub populated by a tangle of hair between brown and reddish, like a spreading fire for his monumental skull. In the darkness like a campfire and the day was transformed into a hybrid of lion and human. a father discovered with horror in one of his regular and abusive raids that Jesse was a kind of monster, whose right eye with no iris or pupil watched him from a dark underworld. That eye assailed him in the nightmares of the surf, I looked through the cracks of the walls, looked out the window at night.