Japanese Bobtail

Characteristics of some breeds of cats there are more than 50 breeds of cats and they all have different characteristics that make them unique in the eyes of their owners. Some are the product of natural evolution, while others are the result of great genetic selection efforts that seek to improve or highlight some distinctive features. We could say that there are cats for all tastes. Perhaps the strangest is the Sphynx or Canadian hairless cat, whose development was the product of a natural mutation and was observed for the first time in Canada in the 1960s. Although it seems that he has no hair, actually Yes it has, but it’s a very subtle mantle that this cat makes the ideal companion for people who are allergic. Whoever the owner will find a creature extremely friendly, affectionate and very sociable, perfect for reduced environments, since you do not need too much space to romp. At a point opposite on the scale we have the Persians, breed that originates from the cat of Angora in England by the 19th century.

It is a Jack very showy, rounded and solid forms. Its most outstanding feature is its flat nose, which gives a very funny appearance. Its body is covered with very dense coat, which can have different colors, more than two hundred officially recognized, and it has a very hairy tail. If we talk about gentle characters, this is the cat to choose. Owner of a serene beauty, is extremely sociable and gets along very well with people. Another cat very suitable for coexistence with humans is the Burmilla, also owner of a beautiful fur. To difference of the Persian Cat, the coat of the Burmilla is short and compact, but is of a rounded head and broad chest cat.

The breed was developed recently and documented by the year 1994. It can live indoors, but you need space to play. We can find it in color Chinchilla, which is white background with dark tips, combined with some beautiful green eyes. This race seems a strange mixture between cat and rabbit, as its tail is short and seems a Pompom. The Japanese Bobtail, a breed that is according to tradition says, it brings luck. It is among the breeds of cats smaller, because in its adult State does not reach major proportions. The admitted colors are many, but where they have Van pattern the main feature is that they have a patch over one eye, which at times may seem a patch. Some specimens may have different colored eyes.