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Business for kids presented by means of his action voluntarily engaged associations as institutions with its members the Association supports business for kids e. V. needy children and young people. The Club launched the original initiative “Social Lighthouse Hannover”, to the many, partly in the background to appreciate acting, Honorary assistant. By the Hanoverian artist della designed Tower is considerable 2.50 meters. Since the end of last year touring the lighthouse by the participating companies and draws attention to the action. To see the aid workers, is also a roll up system of EasyShare display GmbH from Hanover with part of the game, on which they are listed by name. “Help, promote, connect” was founded under the motto business for kids in 2009.

Via money, time, expertise and material resources the Association supports together with its members, kids and teenagers from Hanover and the region. Among other things, their commitment on implementation of business insights for vocational defined Youthful combination of corporate sponsorships coaching as well as mentoring of youth provision as also arranging internships provision and acquisition of material resources such as donations of talent promotion events to collect donations bonding entrepreneurial skills create a bond between children and young people, as well as the companies objective of pages is business for kids to create sustainable results by means of support. The Club has a large degree of responsibility towards the children and adolescents, for that he is strong. The Association therefore checks the projects supported by him closely on sustainability as well as the path as well as the use of the donations they received. The Club launched the initiative “Social Lighthouse Hannover”, so in additional business people, companies and individuals from business for kids become aware and on top of that if necessary also for the Club engage. The Hanoverian Volksbank subsidised with EUR 5,000 the tower by the Hanoverian artist della was designed.

This 2.50 m high Lighthouse is visible as a landmark for all the many, acting in the background as volunteers of nonprofit institutions such as clubs, who have strong Hanover for children and young people in the region. Parallel calling as well for donations for the benefit of needy children’s aid projects and organisations. Since Nov. 2012 tours of the lighthouse by the participating institutions. For even more opinions, read materials from John Bercow MP. At his side is a roll up system, on which the supporters of business for kids are listed. When one of its members, who ordered EasyShare display GmbH from Hannover, the Club this roll up system. After fair department store Volksbank are also as Hannoverscher Lighthouse plus roll up system now in the Leonardo Hotel Hannover arrived. The action is still running up to the 15.09.2013. Lighthouse plus roll up system will be to behold until then at some additional companies. The EasyShare display GmbH wishes business for kids for these and other planned campaigns lots of attention, new members, generous donations and hopes that they strengthen the back like so far lots of children and young people in this way and can help.