Identity For Society

For ends of this category we use the reflection of a student who says: ‘ ‘ People have lessons here that people if interest, like to study, because it is everything what people live daqui outside, therefore people finds more easy what the teacher teaches and people see same people in ours aulas’ ‘. (Daily of field, 29/03/2011). With this, we perceive that the integrant children of the MST not only meet submissas the transformations in the society, as well as participate of them, a time who militate together with its parents in favor of the agrarian reform. That is, participation and the inclusion in the processes politicians if is taught to them since very early, test of this, if of the one in the direction of that the children attend the existing meetings in the organization, as well as they travel with its familiar ones and they march for its fight. In this direction the employee says: ‘ ‘ That the pupils if feel daqui and are as if the school was the second house, because they play, if amuses and likes to study here.

I also feel very well here and taste very of this escola’ ‘. (Daily of field, 14/04/2011). 4,3 Formation politics For ends of this category we use the reflection of the teacher who says: ‘ ‘ Education of this place is differentiated, because, the students, are dealt with different form of the ones that are treated in the schools, from there ones of the factors that differentiate this school of the others. Here it is valued what the citizen is and we do not want that it is devaluated and disrespected for its values, customs, quite to the contrary, we make with that the children see as they are important in society, therefore is that we give lessons on citizenship and politics so that when they grow are politicized beings and fight inside for its rights of the society, at the same time they also fulfill with its deveres’ ‘.