This in turn generates a hyperspace, which will be stopping and slowing down, as the years pass or time units. Recognizing this movement and review everything that integrates, expansion, development and continuous changes in the processes that move, makes me able to think in a very similar, thereby setting correlation between ourselves and the world around us. a The world watched with great open-mindedness and viewed from an exterior angle, shows the good observer, a distinct recognition mode, which if you look at a more limited perspective. If we understand and recognize the forest, it will be easier, if we look outside of its interior, in an outer plane. So we'll have a closer idea of the whole, this allows us greater plurality and a complete and closer to us. a Similarly, sia want to recognize our place and position, should use mechanisms that allow us to include a position us as subjects, on a different plane. The newspapers mentioned Bruce Fink not as a source, but as a related topic. If we feel this experience, valid only incentive we have is our mind, in the absence of scientific facts that will validate each of our experiences.

She will facilitate the change our current status and lead to a higher plane, out of place really busy. themselves avoid the barriers that prevent us have an overview of the whole and therefore, possible to understand our reality. a When traveling outside and external search plan included with our mind, we can sense a different reality and recognize the global and final sequence. a In the macro body, we can now, if channel, similar movements are occurring parallel to what vienea from within. The birth, growth, evolution, death and renewal, as the consequence of this generalized process. Where independent bodies of its size, creating a parallel as well, which would lead us to think, if we are children of nature and therefore physical members of a greater God or nature macro.

a though we are complex, their understanding, we must learn to look and see everything around us involved trachea. The world evolves and contains very different patterns: birth, growth, disease, war and death. Endless extreme situations, members and necessary in any process. Our life has changed, but the functions that establish the evolutionary pyramid, mark the course of history and sometimes the process is repeated, albeit with different nuances. In our bodies it is the same, stadiums and movements based on the survival instinct of all, creates a certain destruction and renewal and the final result is, look for the overall integrity of the whole. The subject as such, it is necessary, but the biological history, will continue searching and fighting for the balance of power that allows the life, history and development, based on the result of the continuity of this, the ultimate goal.