Hurricane Nargis

Residents of affected areas threatened by hunger and disease. Since the beginning of the cyclone on Saturday, the price of fuel in the affected regions have doubled, and many houses were destroyed, the system supplies drinking water is destroyed, there are power outages, communication and delivery Food. There is also a risk of rising prices for food and other essentials. According to experts, the number of deaths in Myanmar as a result of Hurricane Nargis' could exceed 100,000 people, while the number of affected – more than 1.5 million people. Tropical cyclones are extremely powerful atmospheric vortices of low atmospheric pressure at the center. They are able to generate energy that is comparable with the energy Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Experts estimate that the death toll from Cyclone Nargis would be the highest for the natural disaster in Southeast Asia since December 2004.

Recall, then the tsunami, which swept to the coasts of Indonesia, Thailand and other countries in southern and southeastern Asia, killing 229,866 people. Global warming: a threat to Lake Baikal, the fauna of Central American women and global warming continues to take irreparable damage to nature, mankind and animal life on our planet. Russian and American scientists have concluded that the temperature of surface waters of the unique Lake Baikal is constantly growing, and the nature of the Siberian the region is rapidly changing due to global warming. Scientists believe that warming of the waters of this isolated but enormous pool is a clear signal of climate change, which affects all without exclude parts of the world. .