Communist Ideology

In relation to Japan the alliance was still more esdrxula, has seen, the total disparity of mutual interests. While Germany Nazista searched the consolidation of the Reich of a thousand years in lands of the east and part of the Europe, the Japanese empire fought for the conquest and consolidation of the possesses in the Asian southwest. Of the strategical point of view if a cooperation integrated between Germany, Italy had occurred and Japan, this could have brought much more painful consequences for the Ussr and U.S.A. The countries of the Axle had established an alliance that of the military, strategical point of view and economic, little contributes for a result that them was favorable. In contrast of the Allies the alliance of the Countries of the Axle represented much more a symbolic union between nations that in common shared its disaffections with the Communist Ideology. To have an idea of the lost chances for the Countries of the Axle for not arguing a joint strategy of cooperation, can be inquired: Which the consequences for Russia if had invaded it to Japan in extreme east after 1941? if Japan had postponed the attack the Pearl Harbor in few months, England would have resisted the bombings German, ahead of the American isolacionismo? if the Dictator Francisco Franco, of Spain, had granted to Germany the right to control the ticket for the strait of Gilbratar being closed the entrance of the Mediterranean sea to the Allies? if Mussolini had not attacked Greece, having later that to request aid of Hitler that deviated efforts of the German army delaying in months the invasion of Russia? These and other investigations never fully will be answered and will remain forever in the field of the speculation. However, if for the questions above, it had different answers of what the history disclosed is very probable that the difficulties that the Countries Allies would have to defeat the Countries of the Axle would be very bigger and even though can be questioned if the alliance Berlin-Rome-Tokyo would not be victorious.