Centerright Government

The agreement for the formation of a center-right government in Portugal between the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the democratic Social Center (CDS) is already a fact from early this afternoon. A huge task awaits us. We are going to lead the great transformation that the country demands, said at a Lisbon hotel new Prime Minister and leader of the PSD, Pedro Passos Coelho, following the signing of the agreement entitled majority for change. Its ally, Pablo Portas, leader of the CDS and likely Foreign Minister, added that the courage, change and moderation will mark the course of the new Government, which puts an end to six years of Socialist majority in Portugal. On 5 June elections gave 105 members of the PSD, and 24 CDS, which guarantees them an absolute majority in the unicameral Parliament of 230 seats. Source of the news:: Passos Coelho confirms a centre-right government