Center Jose

Valley to consider, still, that this Project if justifies for its objectives, that, as already affirmed, in agreement with the pedagogical proposals of this Educational establishment, as well as of the Project of SEDUC TM, intends to initiate one ambient awareness that, we think, from the pertaining to school community, will become multiplying in the local and global community. The experiences of previous projects have demonstrated a great interest on the part of the learning, in the projects of recycling of materials as plastic and papers that would go to poluir the environment, and if they had transformed into utilitarian objects, of adornments and decoration, what it favors and it fortifies one of the proposals of the gift. Moreover, reaffirming the intention of reurbanizao, recovery and creation of communitarian spaces in the dependences of this establishment, through the organic development of hortas, gardens, fields of compostagem and minhocrio, as well as selective collections, are aimed at beyond a quality of life, to excite to the involved ones, the perception of the necessity of changes of attitude front to the ambient questions. One thinks, thus, that with such direct actions, propitiates the learning through the exchange to know, that shared, will stimulate practical sustainable and emancipadoras, first of individual and interior form for, to follow, collectively and world-wide. GOAL? To initiate the awareness of the pertaining to school community for the importance and valuation of the environment. OBJECTIVE? To promote the ambient education in the pertaining to school community of the Quarter Port, especially the Center Jose of Mosque and its adjacencies, making possible the construction of the ecological conscience, through direct actions that involve education, research and practical. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES/GOALS? To stimulate and to promote the collective work and the cooperation between the pupils and the professors, the school and the community, for construction of new values and attitudes.