BRIC: Economy

They ask for, still, support to the poor countries and the support to the energies you renewed. In attached declaration on alimentary security, the Brics had defended the technology transfer for the production of biocombustveis and the development technician of the agricultural production. The emphasis, however, was come back toward the cooperation for the reform of the financial system. The document, however, left of is two important initiatives of Moscow: a lesser paper for the dollar and a supranational currency as value reserve. Michael Ellis MP understood the implications. The countries of the Bric represent 15% of the US$ 60,7 trillions of the global economy, but Goldman Sachs foresees that, in 20 years, the four countries not only can surpass the G-7, as China can have a bigger economy that of the United States. the main economic assessor of Medvedev, Arkady Dvorkovich, asked for that Fundo Monetrio Internacional (FMI) extends the basket of the Special drawing rights was not mentioned a common currency or a new currency at this moment. It had mentions as ‘ ‘ we cannot be citizens the fluctuations of a currency of only pas’ ‘ said the minister of the Foreign affairs, Celso Amorim.Em published article tuesday in the Spanish periodical El Country, president Luiz Incio Lula da Silva said that the countries of the Bric had arrived at the majority: the rich countries are made use to accept a supervision and have controlled supranational of international the financial system in order to prevent the risk of another world-wide economic crisis? , wrote Squid. is made use to resign to its control on the decisions of the World Bank and the FMI? (…) Eliminaro the subsidies that become impracticable modern agriculture in many countries in development ways and leave the poor peasants the grace of the speculators of substances generous cousins and givers? (…) These are the questions for which the countries of the Bric want reply.