Baltic Languages

In the first part we consider the first two of the above "dead" Baltic languages. Galindsky or golyadsky – language belonging to the Baltic tribe Galindians, which was first mentioned in the chronicle texts Russia in 11-12 centuries. Tribe Galindians ranks first in time references of all existing Baltic tribes. Title tribe, probably comes from either the word "edge", "margin", or from hydronyms (name influx Narew, the name of the lake). According to some assumptions under Galindo knew several ethno-linguistic groups that have existed in the Baltic Sea. In different historical sources provided different information about the placement Galindo. Thus, from the writings of Ptolemy can understand that the place of localization Galindians located between the territories of Iran Veneti tribes and the Alans, to the east from the first race.

In Russian chronicles are talking about placing them in the river basin Protva, south-west of Moscow. Doesburg Galindo refers to the Prussian lands. So, scope Galindians large, this fact is explained by the fact that the tribes in ancient times, actively migrating, particularly in the south, south-west and later westwards to Europe. Start migrations coincides with the "Roman times" that explains the existence of one of the titles Volusiana emperor, who ruled in the 3 century – Galindsky. Galindsky language has left its mark in the formation of several European languages – French, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and also in some dialects of Russian. Despite the fact that data on the language of the tribe Galindians not quite a lot, its importance in the formation of some European language is sufficiently large.