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Camp Nou

In the first ten, there were no position changes in April, and only football first division are represented. Viewers Croesus is under the rumours as almost anyone Month ALBA Berlin (10.075 viewers on average). The o2 world helps also the ice hockey pros of polar bears with 14.061 fans per game to the place in the Sun at least in the internal classification among the ice hockey teams. He is HSV Hamburg, who replaced the subscription leader THW Kiel that in the course of this season, continues to front the handball players. Average flow 10.290 spectators in the O2 world Hamburg”renamed color line arena. The second Hambuger home team, DEL Club Hamburg freezers, with 6.993 spectators per game clearly is back. The stadium world table of the top 100 in Germany determined the average attendances at League matches of the most popular team sports (currently reach only football, handball, ice hockey and basketball corresponding numbers). The complete overview of the spectators top 100 is available at for download.

Viewers top 30 Europe in April 2010: four Bundesliga among the ten most visited football clubs in Europe, FC Barcelona FC Barcelona defended the top position at the Camp Nou is despite the off in the semifinals of the Champions League in the ranking of the 30 best-attended European football clubs remain at the front. The average stream 80.194 spectators at the Camp Nou. The chasers are closely together: with 77.057 viewers the best German Club, Borussia Dortmund, second before real’s Madrid (76.776) and Manchester United (74,900). With Bayern Munich, Schalke 04 and the HSV three other German clubs among the first are ten. SL Benfica made the largest jump (from 16 to 11) compared to the previous month. The Portuguese are in the domestic league shortly before winning the title. “Ranked 25th (plus two positions) United even a second division side in the TOP ranks with Newcastle 30, although the Magpies ‘ direct promotion back to the Premier League have already secured.

VfB Stuttgart (41.031) the overall tenth German Club concludes with the TOP 30 despite the fact that a curve at the Stuttgart stadium is currently rebuilt. The stadium world table top 30 is based on the average numbers of viewers in the European Table determined football leagues. The complete overview of the top 30 European viewers available at for download. With friendly regards, Stefan servant editorship Stadium world Schlossstrasse 23 D-50321 Bruhl Tel.: + 49 2232-577 229 mobile: 63 30 94 fax: + 49 2232-577 211

Japan Levels

If in Japanese territory the manifestation of the thought if coats with intrinsic character of responsibility, the media around of the world continues waiting the chance to inform degeneration happened human being (7) of the disruption of the physical structure of the Japanese nuclear plant. This hypothesis, is clearly, knows to be sufficiently possible to happen, logically it does not escape in them, not we seriamos ingenuous to such level, but the dosimtricos studies effected by the AIEA come corroborating day the day with our position of that the radiation is in a dangerous level, but will not be the capable to cause problems of health to the short local population nor, average or long stated period. (8) Alarming information to the part, the fact to be joined foods with modified levels of radiation of the other side of the country also, not necessarily, must be cause of alarm of the population (9). This because such levels do not try, at least until the moment, any problems of health to the consumers. All the levels measured until the moment, along with raised, do not try medicamentosa intervention or hospital some in the involved population. Happily we are not only voice in way to the current events. Richard Wakeford, epidemiologista of the university of Manchester assevera: The people are worried about what until the moment they are low levels of radioactivity, but the real problems are to deal with the earthquake and tsunami. As our rank in diverse chances: the panic generated for the nuclear question in Japan is deviating the attention of the authorities of a possible humanitarian crisis, that can more than involve the 500 a thousand people who are living in temporary shelters, that face rain, below-freezing snow and temperatures of in crowded gymnasia, temples and public schools and that they do not possess enough systems of heating, consequently, continue dying..

The Customers

Many hoteliers are currently but very accommodating and sometimes waive the usual Cancellation to avoid at least the preventive cancellation of the customers,”so Horn next. Now hopes the industry that soon that relax the situation. In this investigation has up-to-date evaluated prices of over 40,000 hotels in Europe and thereby compared what would have cost an accommodation for the same travel dates, if you had booked them on different days. Room rates when booking on the 1st April, booking at the 18.04, booking at the 20.04.: Hanover: EUR 91-223 EUR (145%) – 147 EUR (- 34%) Munich: EUR 153-267 EUR (75%) – 240 (- 10%) Frankfurt am Main: EUR 102-129 EUR (26%) – 114 EUR (- 12%) Brussels: EUR 125-156 EUR (25%) – 142 EUR (- 9%) Manchester: 127 EUR – 153 EUR (20%) – 140 EUR (- 9%) Madrid: 124 EUR – 149 EUR (20%) – EUR 136 (- 8%) Milan: EUR 133-151 EUR (14%) – 146 EUR (- 4%) Cologne: 95 EUR – 107 EUR (13%) – 99 EUR (- 7%) London: EUR 183-204 EUR (11%) – 197 EUR (- 4%) Barcelona: EUR 156-173 EUR (11%) – 171 EUR (- 1%) Lisbon: EUR 123-135 EUR (10%) – 103 EUR (- 24%) Amsterdam: EUR 180-196 EUR (9%) – 186 EUR (- 5%) Mallorca: EUR 106-115 EUR (9%) – 112 EUR (- 3%) Copenhagen: 141 EUR – 152 EUR (8%) – 154 EUR (1%) Hamburg: EUR 120-127 EUR (6%) – 132 EUR (4%) Rome: 209 EUR – 213 EUR (2%) – 205 EUR (- 4%) Athens: EUR 114-116 EUR (2%) – 112 EUR (- 3%) Paris: EUR 205-202 EUR (- 1%) – 179 EUR (- 11%) Istanbul: EUR 151-150 EUR (- 1%) – 150 EUR (0%) Vienna: EUR 134-132 EUR (- 1%) – EUR 134 (2%) Berlin: EUR 103-102 EUR (- 1%) – 100 EUR (- 2%) Venice: 252 EUR – 241 EUR (- 5%) – 220 EUR (- 9%) Prague: 137 EUR – 131 EUR (- 5%) – 120 EUR (- 8%).

Childrens Health Insurance

The supplementary insurance for children especially on the conditions most when children in Germany are covered by the statutory health insurance of their parents. To offer a best possible medical care to the children in the event of illness, many parents for the next generation make a children supplementary health insurance. For example, in the hospital, this offers accommodation on the Privatstation or in a single room, the Chief Physician treatment or additional services for dentures, spectacles, contact lenses and the practitioner. In the selection of the appropriate fare parents but especially on the insurance conditions should make sure because hide is there significant differences in performance among the insurers. The private supplementary insurance for children is very inexpensive compared to the offerings for adults – -. His child, you can secure an optimal medical care in case of sickness for around eight euros per month.

However, the contract with a private health insurance must be completed prior to a hospital. Otherwise, can an application for the additional insurance be rejected. Parents should take care therefore in time the additional insurance, then, if the child is healthy. As so often in insurance, the devil is in the detail. In this case, the insurance terms and conditions of individual insurers.

Particularly important criteria fully comply with only the very few insurers. Reimbursement of costs above the fees for doctors? While the single room and the Chief Physician treatment of supplementary insurance as standard equipment, it becomes critical for particularly difficult treatments with the insurance. Just when a complicated surgery in the hospital must be carried out, the question about what sets the doctor settles arises. Often, the specialists write an invoice which is situated above the ceilings of the schedule of fees. They must of course also this. It would be optimal if the private children supplementary health insurance in such cases takes over the charge, if the accounts of the Maximum rates of fees also goes.


Ornithosis (ORNITHOSIS) etiology. Ornithosis caused by a group of filterable viruses, biologically and immunologically similar to a virus of psittacosis (psittacosis). The causative agent of ornithosis refers to a group of large viruses. Up to 2 years of virus remains active in the frozen state at a temperature of 4-4 concentrated suspensions do not lose their infectivity within 10-20 days. Most sensitive to experimental infection are white mice, distributed among domestic and wild birds. The source of infection for humans may be about 60 species of birds are doves, ducks, chickens, turkeys, piggy, goldfinches, puffins, pheasants, white chicks, orioles and many others. Jon S. Speelman understood the implications. The disease in birds manifested in the refusal of food, emaciation, diarrhea, mucous discharge from the appearance of the nose, eyes, ruffled feathers.

Pneumonia in birds is not observed. In the epidemiology of ornithosis for human pose greater danger Birds of virus whose disease does not manifest itself clinically. Isolation of virus from the body of sick birds to the environment goes along with the faeces and saliva. A person usually becomes infected through contact with sick birds. Atrium as in birds and in humans are mainly the respiratory tract, in which the infection enters by inhalation of dust contaminated with dried feces and saliva, as well as dust, sick cough. It should also be emphasized that the disease from person to person very rarely passed.

Ornithosis, is usually found among those who have contact with birds, but because the disease is often is professional in nature. It is distributed mainly among the workers of poultry farms, poultry farms, pet shops, zoological gardens, as well as in families where the containing various species of birds, including pigeons. Disease ornithosis occurs throughout the year, but more often in spring and summer months. Children parrot disease more frequently than in adults, occurs in abortive forms. Ornithosis occurs in different countries, especially prevalent in America, Japan, Australia and England.

Warrick William Shakespeare

It is pleasant to live to me if you I'm like a candle, its light will give. W. Shakespeare. "Pericles" We are lights the sky, as we – the torch – light to others. W. Shakespeare.

"Measure for Measure," presented in the epigraph Shakespeare's words suggest that, in fact, the burden Shame misunderstanding the author of these words lies all the nations of the world. But for all the peoples of the world, except the people of English, this burden is alleviated mediocrity transfers, in which those nations with the works of Shakespeare are introduced. So people who can not read the works of Shakespeare in the language of their author, and do not have to accurately and completely to find out what kind of light carrying people to Shakespeare, even if they wanted to do this by understanding what Goethe in his article on Shakespeare wrote: "… that he says by the mouth of his characters." But it's still here and that is probably all over the world, none of the readers of "Pericles" and "Measure for Measure," including most of Goethe, do not bother to listen to in the epigraph above words of these pieces of the voice of one crying to him by Shakespeare. And yet, though for all the peoples of the world, except the people of English, this burden is eased, it is not removed from them entirely, as evidenced by are quite clear Warrick words in the first scene of Act III the second part of the chronicle, "Henry IV: Is there life for all people a procedure that the last days of nature reveals. Realizing it can anticipate each, with the immediate goal, coming events, a hundred not born yet, but lurking in the depths of this as seeds, seeds of things. They sit out and grow their future. And the immutability of the laws could guess Richard suggesting that by changing it, Northumberland not stop evil seed and flower betrayal of the worst spawn …

(translated by E. Birukovoy somewhat doctored by the author of the article) In fact, in all following his works, including sonnets, it is difficult to understand for people who read these works in translation, but what centuries after the writing of these works would have to be understood, seen, heard by the English, reduced to explaining the meaning of these words Warrick. Author's desire to learn, can ever be washed from the British Shame misunderstanding of the above, makes him give them (the British) by the opportunity to show all the peoples of the world, a world Shakespeare, like Danko, bore them. Russian readers of this miniature is probably enough suggest that the mouth of Warrick William Shakespeare suggested that they begin to draw conclusions from the eternal truth of interdependent co-existence of elements of the past, present and future in every Mige being and existence of people whose loyalty their life, directly or "contradiction" as Northumberland, proves every person without exception. It is useful to see that the conclusions of the true reasons are always the conclusions of this scientific and logical, that manifested in the inevitability of the consequences of misunderstanding and not following them. "The path of the wicked – as darkness: they know not what they stumble" (app.1, 19). So people do not care, sooner or later, will see the light of Shakespeare. And, respectively, the largest, indelible disgrace awaits England when they see it's too late, and last.


In the publication of its article MOREIRA, it cites on the Real initiates of the EAD: The Education in the distance – EAD started in century XV, when Johannes Guttenberg, in Mogncia, Germany, invented the press, with composition of words with mobile characters. With the creation, one became unnecessary to go to schools to attend venerating the master to read, in the front of its disciples, book the rare copied. Before, the books, copied manually, were carssimos and therefore inaccessible to the common people, reason by which the masters were dealt with as integrant the cut. It counts the history that the schools of the time of Guttenberg had mechanically resisted during years the pertaining to school book printed matter, that it could make with that if became unnecessary the figure of the master. In the modern version, Sweden registers the first experience in this field of education in 1883.

In 1840 one has notice of the EAD in England; in Germany it was implemented in 1856 and in the United States, education for correspondence in 1874 was noticed. The beginning of the EAD in Brazil dates probably of 1904. 3 – the INTERNET For being a closed information and that it collaborates for the studied scene, tragos in the words of Alfonso (2000) information of great importance on the sprouting of the Internet in the world. ? In 1969, searching of the public and private sector in U.S.A. they had been 1969 contracted to develop a net for the ARPA – Agency of Projects of Advanced Research of the Department of Defense of the United States. It was the height of the Cold War, and the demand was to create a system of interconnections between computers of any type that could be remained in operation with redundancy of storage of data and of same processing that several we were destroyed.

Network Building

Good work for the franchise does not have geographical distances mundoFranquicia Consulting. And it is this outstanding firm has just reached several agreements with four consultants based in Russia, Romania, Turkey and Portugal to be their partners and to assist Spanish franchises set their goals in these destinations. “We selected the best consultants in these places to provide its know-how the implementation and development of Spanish companies that want to expand and franchise there,” explains Mariano Alonso, Partner and Managing Director of Consulting mundoFranquicia. “Coserex, Grupo Senda, SVIC Vision Team Global and develop all the necessary guarantees to deal with the international expansion of all of them and facilitate the work of expansion through work teams located within the country but always in direct communication with our staff in Spain “added Alberto Munoz, mundoFranquicia associate consultant in Madrid and responsible for such partnerships. Partnering with a great future So what things mundoFranquicia Consulting has done is to seek partners to continue to demonstrate that his consulting work comes, for its customers, with the largest and best quality standards to the extent necessary. “This way our services are aimed at Spanish companies vocation franchise its business model abroad now or in the near future, with the capacity and background to deal with,” says Munoz. “We are prepared to respond in the same way we do in Spain, the demands that these companies require.

Our partners at each point are of the utmost confidence. Details can be found by clicking Lindt Chocolates or emailing the administrator. ” So are each of these mundoFranquicia Consulting partners in Russia, Romania, Turkey and Portugal: 1) Coserex. Spanish capital consultant operating from Russia in 2000 to internationalize business activity. They have more than 50 employees and a presence in countries throughout Europe, America, Asia and Africa. They engage in any sector. Also provides services in Morocco. 2) Grupo Senda – Romania. Spanish company with extensive experience in real estate in Romania.

It acts in the whole area of Eastern Europe, with priority focus on Romania. In this country have headquarters and offer consulting services, marketing and communication. 3) Global SVIC. SVIC International Consulting is a Hispanic-Turkish business consultancy specializing in the Turkish market. It was created with the primary objective of supporting Spanish companies of marble and natural stone in Turkey. Due to the high demand for consulting services in Turkey, SVIC decided to diversify its services and expand the field of action to other areas of interest. They specialize in trade missions and market research. 4) Team Vision. One group belongs to the Biz of Portugal which has 19 companies in seven business areas and have a presence in areas such as Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Angola. They offer specialized services and financial services franchise. About mundoFranquicia Consulting is the company expert in offering consulting franchisors at any stage of the process: planning and definition, development, adaptation and improvement. It operates a system called Expansion Management Consulting Openings basing the growth of the chain in providing consulting services particularized in each integration operation of a new franchisee, considering all the steps necessary for the opening of the new unit business and, ultimately, directly addressing franchising roles in building the network.

New Encyclopedia

As if in the leaf it started then the first registers and the continuity and the consequences of what it would be written and fixed to folha' '. The philosopher was one of ideologists of the Iiberalismo, presenting a position against the Absolutism in England, system social politician and who was related to the present English Monarchy since century XVIII. According to Encyclopedia ' ' Brazil 500 Anos' ' carried through for editor Mara Ziravello, the Europe in the end of century XVIII, he was palco of social, economic transformations that they were if shocking with the absolutism. Were contradictions made use in the proper existing economic system. Initially in France, the contradictory thought to the absolutism reed-echo all in the Atlantic, was the beginning of a French Revolution, with the European peoples acclaimed for freedom. ' ' With the American revolution and the independence of the United States of America, it has beginning a process that marks the start of the destruction of a system politician and a form of organization of the society. Since then, the absolute power Dos Reis, as well as the privileges of the nobility and the clergy, passed to be contested of form each more aggressive time. In moving to the economy, the privileges of the nobility and the clergy embarrassed the progress in the production of material wealth, therefore they hindered the consolidation of national markets uniformes' '.

(ZIRAVELLO. ' ' BRAZIL 500 ANOS' '. The AGE OF the REVOLUTIONS, 1999, p.258) The bourgeoisie wanted to be able politicians for the natural economic development of the capitalist system that was appearing. The Third State also contained the participation of the proletariats. According to New Encyclopedia To know 2000, of Cultural the New Publishing company, the proletariats were small craftsmen, plebeian, and peasants who until then did not have nobody that he could represent its interests, existed then a majority of a population that they did not withhold to be able economic (only work force), and an intellectual minority of that they withheld great economic power.

Transgnicos Foods

The Transgnicos Foods in the Academic Quality of Life (a): Adalmy coast Teacher: Ionara Cristiane the genetic Alteration is made to become more resistant plants and animals e, with this, to increase the productivity of plantations and creations. The use of the transgnicas techniques allows the alteration of the biochemist and the proper hormonal rocking of the transgnico organism. Lindt Chocolates is the source for more interesting facts. Today many creators of animals, for example, make use of bigger and more resistant races to the illnesses thanks to these techniques. The transgnicos already are also used in Brazil. But not yet research appropriate exists to evaluate the consequncias of its use for the health human being and the environment. Recent research in England had disclosed increase of allergies with the consumption of transgnica soy. One gives credit that the transgnicos can diminish or annul to the effect of antibiotics in the organism, thus hindering the treatment and aggravating the infectious illnesses.

Alimentary allergies also can to happen, therefore the organism can react in the same way that ahead of a toxin the certain proteins produced for the transgnicos. Other effect, strangers, in long stated period will be able to also occur the cancer. Beyond the risks for the health human being, serious risks for the environment exist that must be known, as for example: Creation of ' ' superpragas' ' due to repassagem or combination of the genetic material of some plagues. Impossibility of control on the nature: the introduction of a transgnica species in the environment is irreversible, therefore the gene can spread without control, if not being able to foresee the alterations in the ecosystem. Increase of toxic residues: the use of transgnicas plants with resistance characteristic the herbicidas will from there imply in the possibility of rise of the use of these agrotxicos, resulting bigger pollution of the rivers and ground. However the risks for sales release and consumption of transgnicos must be studied carefully evaluating each individual species in accordance with the implantation place, beyond its destination in it I all deal and the industry, evaluating completely its genetic code and also its metabolic characteristics to evaluate possible allergy or rejection of some protein for the human body. Adalmy of the Coast Heifer, student of the seventh block of Agronmica engineering of the State University of the Piau? UESPI.