ARENA Swimming World Cup

Flight Menorca hotel, beach, island, sand when it comes to book and buy a travel offers flight + hotel in Menorca can be an excellent alternative. Menorca is the second largest island of the Balearic Islands, and is a little smaller and quieter than its neighbour Mallorca. Located just 34 kilometers from Mallorca, the island of Menorca has a great tourist infrastructure, particularly aimed at families, and with the exquisite combination of Mediterranean climate and beaches of the other Balearic Islands. Holidays on the southern coastline of Menorca are very nice and gentle. In addition, small fishing villages located on the rocky coast characteristic of the North of the island, are also ideal for relaxing and quiet places. Menorca has managed to escape the stereotype of the European resorts, providing an atmosphere serene and rewarding in every one of their small towns and villages, even during the high season. Mao (Mahon) is the walled capital, and is located at the end of a huge natural harbour, in the eastern part of Menorca.

Tourism in Mao is concentrated in S Esplanada plate and the main narrow, winding streets that are next to this square. Somewhat protected characteristic of big cities development, Menorca is a true haven for nature lovers. This Balearic Island is very green with pine forests and many fields for grazing livestock. Around 25000 cycling tracks crossing the meadows and thickets Islander, offering spectacular views of the island and the coast. The North coast of Menorca is Rocky and rough, while, conversely, the South Coast is full of secluded bays of fine sand Golden, protected by cliffs. Apart from Mao, Ciutadella is one of the cities oldest and most large of Menorca. This ancient capital is located at the opposite end of the island. Mao is still a port especially active, famous for its great quantity and variety of manifestations architectural, Ciutadella is a most elegant city, filled with narrow streets and old buildings, including several churches, one of the most popular in Menorca tourist attractions.

In Mao, plate d Espanya is a good point of reference and is close to the Mercat de the Claustre del Carme, an atypical shopping center built in a former Church cloisters. With a very attractive proposal, there is no excuse for not booking flight + hotel Menorca for next season. Maria Candela Montenegro flight + Hotel in Mallorca source: press release sent by mariacandelamontenegro. Ko Samet, the island with sand of crystal powder. FINA / ARENA Swimming World Cup, Singapore: Zainal Abd Halim photojournalism offers flight on Lan Argentina flights cheap Peru offers of flight + Hotel for December Do travel and tourist fishing divers Acapulco jet?