Active Charcoal Filters For Drinking Water

The filtration process is the simplest to separate the particles in a liquid. In this case the most important liquid for human beings is water. We must daily consuming two litres, in a general way, in order to carry out all the functions of our body, do not dehydrate it and keep it healthy. To be able to have safe water to drink that it contains low concentrations of substances harmful to our body, we can resort to the use of filters. Active carbon filters are a good example. This is a safe, stable and very porous material feature which is used for this purpose.

It comes from materials with a high carbon content, and since it is widely used for water purification, new sources have been researching for this so useful material, hence it is obtaining of several organic substances as the coconut shell. The operation of the active carbon filter is similar to a sand filter, however, active carbon reduces chlorine flavors so it It makes the water taste better. On the other hand, this material has the quality to capture undesirable molecules through the attraction. This feature is due to adsorption possessing active carbon, which makes that you retain the substances found in the water and are responsible for odors or flavors undesirable, or even cause of causing diseases in the body. Therefore, these filters, in addition to being used for treatment of drinking water, are used for other purposes as the filtration of water in aquariums, water parks or irrigation water. Again, this is due to his great ability to retain micro-pollutants.

There are studies showing that eating certain amounts of chlorine is directly related to colon cancer, since although there are different methods to treat the water, chlorine remains the most economical and simple. Therefore, it is recommended to have an active carbon filter at home or to make sure that the water we drink will be treated properly. If you want to have a filter in House, will be very easy to acquire one, since the sale of charcoal filters is common and that we find a wide variety. Original author and source of the article