Account Paypal

Steps to sign up and enjoy all the advantages that offers is very simple, as simple as it would register with Hotmail, Gmail or any other account of what we already have: enters the main page of Paypal by clicking from here click on register is above the upper left of the page at this point we can choose between 3 types of Paypal account. Ideal for buyers is the staff, for sellers is the Premier. We in this case we choose the Personal account and click on continue type account Paypal on this screen must enter all data that we request, accept the terms and enter the security code you ask us. Personal data holder of the account once done this, we have completed registration and will see us the following screen. In it will indicate US 3 steps: registration step 1 activate the account: typical registration click on the link for activation send us mail. If not run you the link that you send to the email (the subject of blockades of the) managers of mails) can copy the code that you sent, and activate your email address from within PayPal (still logged). Activate account step 2 fill in the bank account details: this’ll do it later or when you want. You’ll have to enter a credit/debit card with which you pagareis in the case of using the paypal account in the future.

Guarantee of security. It is clear that until you do not introduzcais these data, you can not pay what you can do is to receive money. Data bank link a card step 3 buy online: this step is by way of information that you’re done with the record. It is not necessary to make a purchase. With all the process completed, already will be able to pay online easy, fast and secure way (say this seriously, not because it is nice, or because I take Commission), can collect sales by internet if necessary and can send and receive money. tutorialespaypal: Learn how to create an account, verify and compar Paypal original author and source of the article.