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Siamese Cat

Characteristics of the Siamese cat Siamese cat is an animal of a magnetic beauty. History tells us its origin dates back to the Kings of Siam, what today is known as Thailand, in the 18th century. From the beginning its origin is real, since this only only cat species could get as a personal gift from the King. In this way the British Ambassador was awarded one of these animals, and thus was how he came to England, staying forever this breed associated with luxury and distinction. There are two varieties of Siamese data, the modern and the traditional. The modern Siamese cat is thinner and finer head, and pelage saves that particular distribution of color with brown or white body and his face and his black legs, or dark brown.

This variety is short, well glued to the body hair. Perhaps check out CEO Marks & Spencer for more information. Traditional Siamese cat, on the other hand, has a similar color distribution, although its shape is different because it is far more rounded, in your face and snout in your body. This variety is usually present eyes well Blue or heavenly and the tail tends to be shorter. The intelligence of the Siamese cat is usually higher than other races. David Rogier has much experience in this field. It is one of the few varieties that can be carried with a strap, because it adapts smoothly to be paraded down the street. Usually their owners make the mistake of wanting to cloistered in small spaces, although recommended for the Siamese is having a garden or a space where can roam freely, as it is very anxious and active.

More pronounced way than with other cats, the Siamese has a very special personality. When something is not to your liking you don’t have minor inconvenience to let him know. It is imposed as the owner of the site where he lives, and you can get to become very Moody if things are not done as he wants. When she is in heat and you are interested in another cat, can be very aggressive with other males to fight for his beloved. The Siamese cat usually not friendly with people you do not know, but once he is born with the owner confidence becomes his friend’s lifetime. Despite like activity, the Siamese cat can become very lazy, reaching periods of sleep for up to 12 hours per day. Definitely, it’s an animal for fond is and have him as a faithful traveling companion. Source: Press release sent by the cat at home.

Mexican Salad

Historical review: This is a preparation of kitchen fusion of which in the United States they classify of kitchen tel-mex, that is to say a prescription here inspired by ingredients and Mexican cultures but developed in the United States, with American industrialized products of origin. The original prescription is of my friend of 35 years Carlos Anato, who whenever he can us prepares them in his house; she is the favourite of Dalila and all our children. However, like good Dalila cooks and who writes we have made him some changes, especially in the marinated type of of the meat and in the used condiments. It is easy to prepare and in Dalila s Gourmet always we spoke to do them to our parents, when we pruned to go from visit to Venezuela. Ingredients For the Salad: 1 Stock market of Tortillas or Doritos? 4 Cups of Chili con carne? 1 sauce Bottle of sharp natural tomato (Tostitos marks)? 3 Lettuces finely cut? 2 Cups of vinagreta Tip and Rooster? 6 great Spoonfuls of sour cream (1 for each plate of salad)? 9 small Spoonfuls of black olives in slices or 2 tins? 2 Cups of Mexican cheese lined or Monterrey cheese Ingredients For the Vinagreta Tip and Rooster: 3 Tomatos shrieked and cut in buckets of of inches? 1 Onion cut in buckets of of inch? 2 very well crushed Teeth of garlic? 1 Cup of coriander very finely cut? virgin extra olive oil Cup? 3 spoonfuls of vinegar? 1 Pinch of oregano? Salt and pepper to the taste Ingredients For Chili con carne: 1 Libra de worn out Carne of head of cattle? 2 Cups of Caraotas (kidney beans) red soft (cooked without condiment)? 1 Cup of tomato liquefied in little water? 1 Onion finely cut? 8 Teeth of crushed garlic (50% for the marinated one of meat and 50% for the sofrito)? 1 Teaspoon of fresh cumin? 1 Teaspoon of homemade marinade? Teaspoon of paprika or pimentn ground? 1 Teaspoon of season for fajitas? 2 Spoonfuls of oil (for the marinated one)? 2 Spoonfuls of olive oil (for the sofrito)? 1 Spoonful of sauce barbecue? Salt and pepper to the taste Preparation of the Vinagreta Tip and Rooster: In bowl puts 1 water cup with one spoonful of the vinegar; it soaks by 15 minutes so that the onion loses its picor? Good scoundrel; she incorporates all the other ingredients and she mixes until unifying all the ingredients of the vinagreta Preparation of Chili con carne: In bowl she puts the ingredients of the marinated one (garlic, marinade, oil, Cumin, paprika, salt and pepper); she removes until uniting all the ingredients? She incorporates the worn out meat and she mixes or until the condiments or are scattered by the meat? She lets marinate more or less by one hour. .