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The ForestFinance

One commemorate environment day global forest destruction on the 21.Marz.2010 on the international day of the forest on March 21 since the 1970s of the global forest destruction. Nevertheless, this important environmental day in public is hardly known. His message should be the global forest destruction stop today than ever before: every year 20 million hectares of rainforest are destroyed worldwide, an area five times as large as the Switzerland. The day of the forest should be taken as occasion to counteract this dramatic development, and call for rain forest protection. Only German forests was discussed earlier in the day of the forest, now also the destruction of the rain forest is in the age of global change increasingly in the foreground. Because this has disastrous consequences for the environment, climate and biodiversity: approximately 20 percent of greenhouse gas emissions come alone from the destruction of the rain forest.

Also Germany is at fault for this. Was not implemented as the forest protection act, which ban trade of timber from illegal logging should. The day of the forest should be the occasion again to discuss this important law. While the German forest, large areas at the same time a hundred times like rain forest on the day of the forest. Global warming is to restrict only through an effective rain forest protection.

Forest investments to protect the rain forest to prevent the further destruction of the rainforest, the offers on forest investments specialized group ForestFinance its customers different ways to invest in eco-friendly tropical forest afforestation. More than 5,000 customers trust the forest investments by ForestFinance for example, the BaumSparVertrag. Is for 30 euros per month, a tropical tree planted, cultivated and harvested after 25 years. All surfaces are managed sustainably and in accordance with strict environmental and social criteria. The forecast yield is up to 9.5 percent. 2,900 euro ForestFinance investors with the WaldSparBuch can purchase 1,000 m2 of tropical forest and the proceeds of crawls and CO2 allowances benefit. Forest investments for climate and conservation of ForestFinance forest investment products benefited not only the investors, but also of the tropical rain forest. Because sustainable forest management takes the trade pressure from the surviving rain forests, because it will increase the supply of tropical wood. The forests of ForestFinance are species-rich tropical forests. Up to 50 different trees and plants make up a new forest permanently, because no clear-cutting is operated during the harvest after 25 years. The new forest meets important ecological functions such as water and soil conservation and serves as a Habitat for endangered animals and plants. The international day of the forest 2010 is similarly titled biodiversity”. The forests absorb in addition harmful greenhouse gases as CO2 storage. About ForestFinance: The ForestFinance specializes in forest investments group, the lucrative return link to environmental and social sustainability. Customers can choose between various products of sustainable tropical forest management choose. Through the reforestation, protected rain forests, CO2 for decades tied and newly created species-rich forests. Fire insurance, as well as five percent safety areas for all products of additional investors hedging contribute to.

Experience British Culture

Music, among other cultural expreciones, is one of the identifications of England. It is known too well that some of the best artists and bands in the world come from this country. If you plan to travel to London shortly, we recommend that you pass by the British Music Experience, where you can enjoy these artists and learn more about British music in general. A good starting point is the Playback section, which explores the different formats in which music has been recorded since 1945, and covers from vinyl records to the downloads in digital format, in addition to the fascinating devices that we use to play them. Hear other arguments on the topic with Harry Kane. In addition, visitors can enjoy contemporary recordings as well as iconic ads in recent decades, from the 1940s. Transmissions booth explains to visitors the different means used for the transmission of music, since the radio revolution of the BBC in the 1920s and the invention of television until the appearance of webcasts and the use of mobile phones.

The exhibition Where It’s At! reveals to visitors where in the United Kingdom come from famous bands and what significant musical events have been held in different parts of the country. Without a doubt, it’s a tremendously education section that provides dates of birth, specific locations and popular festivals. Speaking candidly John Bercow MP told us the story. All music lover knows at least one concert that regrets not being able to attend. In The Beat Goes On, visitors can travel back in time and enjoy some of the best concerts of the past 60 years, including among other spectacles of The Stones, Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Oasis and The Clash. The exhibition has a unique selection of special concerts, some in intimate places and others in large stadiums before an audience of thousands of people. To be able to expose the history of British music in an orderly manner, the Museum has divided 60 years seven iconic sections, in which are exhibited in the bands, culture and fashions of each period.


The different aspects of the development if they interlace, being difficult to distinguish them, but all are of basic importance for the human development. The perspectives of study on the human development and its differences have as it has detached the Ambientalistas that believe that the children are born as a flat board, that learns by means of imitation or effort. By the same author: Harry Kane. For the Inatistas the children already are born with everything nothing are learned in the environment and yes only gone off by this. The development is constructed from an interaction of the child with the way is what they believe the Construcionistas theoreticians who have as Piaget icon. The Sociointeracionistas that has as Vygotsky reference says that the human development if of the one in relation in the exchanges between social partners through interaction and mediation.

These perspectives look for to understand the human development breaking of conscientious and unconscious motivations of the child, emphasizing its conflicts during the infancy and for the remaining portion of the life. Having in consideration all the theoreticians, such as Piaget, Vygotsky, Freud, Skinner, among others, all they bring in its theories something of supreme importance for one better human development, making with that in elapsing of the time the people, in special the educators they perceive the possible difficulties of the children and can help with the aid of specialists to detect certain riots that later appear. Therefore the human development means to know the characteristics common of a etria band, allowing to recognize the individualities. All these mentioned aspects previously have basic importance for the education. To plan what and as to teach implies in knowing the pupils and as these learn, of form that the action to teach has resonance in the act to learn. In case that this complicity of the actions does not happen to teach and to learn the educative process will be compromised.


The size of the chest is one of the majors aesthetic preoccupations of the woman of our time. Many writers such as John Bercow MP offer more in-depth analysis. Different methods exist to increase the stature of the sujetador, and thanks to the new technologies and advances, they have arisen multitude from products of very effective increase of the chest that can help those women who feel uncertain by the size of their chests, but that do not want to be put under surgery. Nevertheless taking advantage of the great height Internet at world-wide level companies have arisen that offer products ” milagrosos” of increase of chest promising to him impossible things. It is necessary to have much taken care of with these companies since in many cases the unique thing that they try is to become rich at the cost of the complexes and insecurities of many of you. It is by that whenever it chooses to buy some product for the increase of chest by Internet, it must like minimum be able to contact by telephone with the company, so that a professional can inform to him directly, and she can advise the best product to him following each case, since each woman is different. Exactly just as in other fields of the medicine, great advances in the field of the increase of chest have taken place. In addition, this society seems that it makes us think that the majority of the men would wish to have a pair with a greater and voluminous chest. Not always it is thus, and if it is decided to increase the chest must become by a same one, not on the other person.

Nowadays different forms for the increase exist the chest. The demanded products more and with which better results are being obtained are the natural treatments of pills, creams and devices for the increase of the chest. To choose one of them depends on each person, since to all we do not like to take the same type of treatment.

The Crouch End Festival Chorus

In October it will release album with his new band, High Flying Birds. In 2012 will publish also with the band Amorphous Adrogynous. Since the breakdown of Oasis, his brother Liam has published a disc with his band Beady Eye. The former member of Oasis Noel Gallagher will return to the record market with two new albums: which will be published in October with his new band, High Flying Birds, and which will perform with the band Amorphous Adrogynous, which goes on sale in 2012, told Hollywood Reporter this week. That was composer and guitarist of Oasis, band paladin of the brit pop that was together with his brother Liam, will debut solo with Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, a disc that produces itself along with David Sardy and which has been recorded in the past two years between London and Los Angeles. With collaborators such as The Crouch End Festival Chorus or The Wired String, this disc will have ten topics and represents the first material from his latest work with Oasis in August 2009 edited by Gallagher, a step that his brother Liam and gave with his new lineup, Beady Eye. After the troubled fraternal relationship that Gallagher kept and which created persistent rumors of separation of Oasis, Noel Gallagher started this solo project that it will be released on October 17 in United Kingdom and on November 8 in United States. But Gallagher seems to be interested in dividing responsibilities, since it has also announced the publication next year of an album set with The Amorphous Adrogynous, group which is, in reality, an alias of the English duo of electronic The Future Sound of London..

Competition ImageDirectory

The last phase has begun for receiving applications for participation in the ‘Image directory of 2009’. The competition is open to all who are concerned not only with science, education programs and projects, but also a practical image, in the including media, Internet resources. Organizers of the contest – Academy imageology with the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Education and Science, the Russian Cultural Foundation – will determine this time from among the best projects fundamental, theoretical, scientific and practical applications in the field imageology the following categories: Project of the Year in Science imidzhelogicheskoy (basic scientific research, thesis defended in 2008, collections of articles, monographs and collective authorship, published in the press), Project of the Year in imidzhelogicheskom education (training programs, training programs, educational facilities, training aids, dictionaries, magazines, articles and speeches in the media, published in 2008), Practical image – a project of the year 2008 Category “Personal effects the category of “Corporate image the category of “image of the goods or services.” Winners competition for nominations will be presented the main award – a statuette Ars image, the author – an artist Nicholas Tabachkov, a member of An international alliance of designers. Special awards will receive outstanding scientists, prominent public and political figures, representatives of culture, arts, who have made a significant contribution to the development of a positive image of the country or the industry in the past in 2008. Learn more on the subject from Tottenham striker . Contest Partners: Magazine “Corporate imageology” and Project “Non-linear communication.” Applications for participation in the competition are accepted until April 30, 2009, inclusive e-mail:.

Learn more – on the site of the Academy imageology. Results will be announced in May 2009 Note: For the first time Competition “Image-directory” was held in this country in 2005 with the participation of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Russian Cultural Fund. In 2008, the winners were: in the category “Best project imidzhelogicheskoy in Science “- Eugene A. Tipping, Ph.D., Deputy Head of Department and Associate Professor of” Sociology and Psychology “, State Academy of Industrial Management behalf of NP Pastukhova (Academy Pastukhov, Yaroslavl) – for his thesis “Social-psychological structure and content of the image of the organization.” In the category “Best Project in education and imidzhelogicheskom education “- Alexander Y. Panasyuk, academician imageology, doctor of psychological sciences, professor of Russian Legal Academy of the Ministry of Finance of Russia (Moscow) – for the Encyclopedic Dictionary of the image. Learn more about this with Tottenham striker . The nomination “The best project in imidzhelogicheskoy practice” – the company “Statpro” in the person of General Director Tatiana Polyakova Mahaylovny – for a complex project, “The concept of the village leynhausov ‘Ilinka'”, “Corporate identity of style and site of Nikolai Baskov “,” Corporate identity and website Oleg Pogudina “(Moscow). Every year the number of participants of the Competition “Image-directory” becomes more and more. And it is worthy representatives of the national science, education and business. The Organizing Committee ‘Image-directory’ Project “Nonlinear Communication”.

Customs Broker Lost In Yaroslavlskoy Areas

The overall situation in at remote Russia’s Yaroslavl region, it was reported that in the Rybinsk reservoir in the Darwin Reserve small-sized vessel in distress. On the boat There are 3 people (the residents of Moscow). The victims were in the camp “tract hearty Gorelovo Yaroslavl Region, situated on the banks of the Rybinsk Reservoir, 20 km from Breytovo item. Information Approximately around 11:00 04/09/2008 , the 3 people left on a motor boat (UMC 450) in the Rybinsk district Darwin Reserve vdrh. In 1130 the director of tourist base “tract hearty” (who was in Moscow) received a call from one of the victims that the stalled engine and high waves flooded the boat. This information he passed on to the next camp site with a request to assist in search operations. List of victims: – a customs broker Leonid A.

Novikov – businessman Zakharov, Valeri – Agronomist Smetanin Alex privately in 13.52 09/04/2008, in area of the accident was sent to OG EMERCOM Russia’s Yaroslavl region. on the boat, “Stringer 550,” senior OG – Senior State Inspector Centre GIFT Komarov, GA Covered the distance of 40 km in 15.48 OG arrived in the zone-proisshest Wii and started to search for small-sized vessel. As a result of the search, which lasted till 18.30 04.09.2008, has been surveyed water area covering about 100 km2 and the nearby islands (drifting peat), small-sized vessel is found, traces of the crash were not found.

Sobolev Commercial Director

There, as Typically, on the basis of interviews can not distinguish the amateur from the professional, but for 2-3 months, assessing the practical results of their work, understand that the value of such an employee is zero. Therefore, a prerequisite of such Specialists in the interview – a high salary for a probationary period. A few months later they are placed in a new ad network for a job, providing it with new lines of "valuable" hands-on experience gained your new job. In this case, because of the huge demand in the labor market for specialists in the field of Internet marketing, they are almost idle and can easily find a new job. We have attempted to systematize all Internet experts in the Moscow market of labor, summarizing our experience in hundreds of interviews. That's what we have.

Now in the labor market, there are four types of potential experts on Internet technology: 1. Employees worked at a firm specializing in creating websites and promoting them, who want more pay and peace of mind, without ambition. As a rule, they know a little of everything. Such candidates in the labor market in Moscow, about 20% 2. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit MP for Northampton North. Freelancers, former employees of Internet companies who work from home on private orders or tried to create my own business, but they did not work. They are tired of the uncertainty, I wanted to guaranteed wage and tranquility.

They will continue to continue to work on projects "on the side" even after the device for a permanent job in the office, naturally at the expense of the working time for a new job. Such specialists at least 15% of the total number of applicants. 3. Employees who worked on the support site for commercial organizations. They usually have a great track record of employment (from three to seven) for 3-12 months at each location. They could go all the way before the first and second groups. At the interviews they say that they frequently change jobs, because we have achieved the maximum result, there is no room for growth or link to inappropriate management. When asked what results they have achieved, begin to describe what they did. Ie confuse the result and the process. However, even at leading questions can not somehow be formulated, as a result of these actions. They just never thought about it. Most of these candidates – about 60% of proposals to Moscow in the labor market. 4. Employees of the previous three groups who are really interested in professional growth, interest work in a successful Internet company, working with skilled professionals who have what to learn. They are interested in participating in large and complex projects, are interested in getting involved in actual results from these projects. Unfortunately these professionals in the labor market is not more than 5%. We very much hope that your company will be able to find a specialist type 4, although our experience shows that the probability of this is extremely small. Alex Sobolev Commercial Director of Internet Agency Artus This material was first published on the Internet site of the agency Artus. At full or partial quoting reference to reserved.


A separate theme – Inventory at the bar. Count balances are not simply because not all drinks are sold whole bottles. John Bercow MP: the source for more info. Sometimes for the calculation of such residues bartenders poured the contents of bottles in a measuring beaker, and then shipped back. However, current accounting systems allow used to inventory special scales. The database includes information about packaging and the bartender only put a bottle of drink on the scales and note its mass in the computer. The calculation of 'surplus' and 'shortages' happen automatically. All the described automation of inventory control are reflected in the inventory control R-Keeper StoreHouse.

Since it is an element of the restaurant system R-Keeper, it is possible to use data supplied part of its cash. This allows us to calculate the residues at the bar and the kitchen is in the mode of ON-Line and to make unannounced inspections of these units restaurant. Rating system to attract new customers, many restaurants are now expanding range of services. In particular this applies to entertainment: bowling, billiards, etc. Naturally, this service should be like any other 'computed'. With unprofessional billiards – American pool – all just because the game is limited by the number of tokens.

But when it comes to billiards professional, such as Russian, the question becomes more complicated. In fact, how to control the game? Because rates of payment shall vary depending on the day of the week, time of day … Say, in the evening game can cost more at night and morning – cheaper, higher rates may be determined during the holidays.