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Baltic Languages

In the first part we consider the first two of the above "dead" Baltic languages. Galindsky or golyadsky – language belonging to the Baltic tribe Galindians, which was first mentioned in the chronicle texts Russia in 11-12 centuries. Tribe Galindians ranks first in time references of all existing Baltic tribes. Title tribe, probably comes from either the word "edge", "margin", or from hydronyms (name influx Narew, the name of the lake). According to some assumptions under Galindo knew several ethno-linguistic groups that have existed in the Baltic Sea. In different historical sources provided different information about the placement Galindo. Thus, from the writings of Ptolemy can understand that the place of localization Galindians located between the territories of Iran Veneti tribes and the Alans, to the east from the first race.

In Russian chronicles are talking about placing them in the river basin Protva, south-west of Moscow. Doesburg Galindo refers to the Prussian lands. So, scope Galindians large, this fact is explained by the fact that the tribes in ancient times, actively migrating, particularly in the south, south-west and later westwards to Europe. Start migrations coincides with the "Roman times" that explains the existence of one of the titles Volusiana emperor, who ruled in the 3 century – Galindsky. Galindsky language has left its mark in the formation of several European languages – French, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and also in some dialects of Russian. Despite the fact that data on the language of the tribe Galindians not quite a lot, its importance in the formation of some European language is sufficiently large.

Riviera Maya

Cancun is the most important tourist destinations of the Riviera Maya, however it is not the only one, among many Tulum on the other end attracts with its beautiful beaches and its Mayan ruins that make this destination unique in its kind and high natural attraction also. If you want to explore the Riviera you can arrive at your point of departure via flights to Cancun, from its international airport you may stay at hotels in Cancun or directly to each journey. Along the road in a journey that will take you approximately 45 minutes you can reach by car Tulum, if you prefer to explore the landscape in other means of transport Cancun bus service will take you though not in the same time. Nearly 61 kilometers separated to Cancun, Tulum, and latter you can also enjoy the most varied tourist attractions and services for your comfort. Explore Riviera Maya, on the road will pass through Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Xcaret and Xel-Ha, not counting with the coast and the sea will be his constant companion.

Cancun is a paradise of Sun and beach which has a lot of excursions to perform, you may stay at the best resorts in the Caribbean by booking hotels in Cancun, but their days will be worth the penalty between the long Sun baths and the different trips and tours in Cancun. On this occasion we will comment you to Subsee Paradise, a boat close to that by way of submarine will take to the depths of the sea to interiorize the life marina in the Caribbean Sea. Subsee Paradise is a modern vessel that has a glass bottom, the flora and fauna are observed exposed while you in the comfort of this vessel can see the 35 minutes that lasts the tour may appreciate the wonders of the sea, tropical fish, reefs, dolphins, manta rays and sea turtles are part of a great show. Visit the Riviera maya and its many unique destinations, Cancun, Playa del Carmen and many more are waiting for you, but remember that Subsee Paradise is the tour that not You can stop doing. Every day in the AquWorld Marina between 9 and 15 hours may address to the adventure, only arrive 30 minutes before as to complete your registration and enjoy this activity of 2-hour. Don’t miss the opportunity to know this place privileged by nature, where you will find a many recreational activities as well as relaxation, enjoy the calm waters color turquoise visited by the former conquerors and enjoyed by the Mayans who founded one of the ancient cities most big American continent.

Manchester City

The captain of the Arsenal has still not wanted to break with its club. The Bara maintains its supply in 30 million Euros, but they request more. Sunday, ' gunners' they maintain course to Asia to do the preseason. The Catalan midfield player Cesc Fbregas has not exercised itself with his equipment in the first day of training of the Arsenal and has carried out an individual work in the gymnasium, since the player with the club had already decided, while he continues himself negotiating his possible signing by Barcelona, according to sources next to the midfield player. The starting of the preseason in the Arsenal is a fact and the march of Cesc follows without signing itself, which is creating a situation of certain instability, since the player does not want to declare itself in revolt, for being still the captain and for being a symbol for the liking ' gunner' , according to the same sources. The Arsenal gives account in its site in Internet of the first training in the locality of London Coleny, but it does not talk about the situation of Fbregas, that does not appear in any of the nineteen photographies that are hung in its page with respect to the preparatory session. Cesc Fbregas for a long time it has been having a contract with the Barcelona and is at the expense of which the Catalan club and the Arsenal close an agreement, although the amounts that supply both parts do not seem to be still near. The one of the Bara it does not happen of the 30 million Euros and the English is clearly superior.

The captain of the Arsenal has still not wanted to break with its club, but the present situation makes anticipate that the player wants that the Arsenal reaches an agreement by the crossing, post that in the amount that is will arrive to him clean, because the English club fich to the player when this one was in the quarry of the Bara and only had to pay a testimonial money by formation rights. The next Sunday, the Arsenal will start off for Asia to initiate its demurrage of preseason, a period that counts on a publicity in which the Catalan player has itself including a, who hopes that by then its exit has taken shape towards the FC Barcelona. On the other hand, the Arsenal has confirmed today that his player Gal Clichy has fichado by the Manchester City, after the organization of the north of England did east Monday. Source of the news: Cesc Fbregas does not train with the Arsenal and works alone in the gymnasium

HUF House London Opts For Ergonomic Furniture System By TOPTEC

Modern and elegant: duotec table seating in current trend colour white bad Marienberg, October 29, 2008 company HUF House, one of Europe’s leading providers in the field of wood glass buildings, its London Office with an Office furniture program by TOPTEC sets up. The system is the seat tables duotec ergonomic furniture systems manufacturer. The modular furniture is focused on the individual needs of your Office environment, functional, and flexible and ensures optimal working conditions due to the focus on the human musculoskeletal system. The HUF group attaches great importance to the health of their employees. For this reason she has chosen an innovative, ergonomic furniture system by TOPTEC. The seat tables duotec series is characterized in particular by their motorized height adjustment.

The work surface is nearly silent ride by (680 mm) seat height bar table level (1200 mm). Due to its variable construction is the seat bar table for use in Office environments, which require highly flexible workplace solutions. The tables are in widths from 800 2000 mm and depth in sizes 800, 900 and 1000 mm. The furniture in different frame colors and table top decors are also available. The company HUF House has ordered for its London branch all tables currently in the trend colour white, integrates visually very well in the modern office environment.

In addition to the seat bar tables, also the matching furniture such as cabinets and containers were ordered. TOPTEC offers its customers in this area a wide selection for an optimised space organization: pedestals, desk-high pedestal or caddy, the furniture manufacturer offers a suitable organization establishment for every area of application. Short portrait TOPTEC: As brand manufacturers for ergonomic furniture systems for the Office equipment, as well as the rehabilitation and therapy area TOPTEC focuses with an innovative product portfolio only to the needs of the modern world of work. The ergonomics of the people in the Office and everyday life is the focus. On this basis, manufactured products which meet the individual needs in an optimal attitude. TOPTEC furniture suitable for all rooms, where people want to work comfortable and healthy. The company in its segment has successfully positioned itself with this philosophy. TOPTEC’s headquarters is located in bad Marienberg / Westerwald.

Short Trip

A short trip to London in the British capital not anywhere but in the capital to London! This should be very exciting, and provide a lot of fun and entertainment. Are you planning such a trip soon, a couple of days time to see something else? Then just read this article and afterwards you know better know what you should consider when planning your vacation. Very important for any holiday: the plan hold not so tight, but leave enough space for spontaneous explorations. In London, so much is going on, that it very well may happen, that you see an interesting event, which you previously knew nothing. Also, there are great restaurants, which you must visit and should therefore allow a little time for strolling. But not so loose you should see is the booking of your flight and accommodation, since they are sometimes quickly booked especially in high season. Applies to the Billiglfuge: the more you book, the cheaper. Don’t let the offer prices curl, but check for any taxes or requirements for luggage are added.

Because the fare can double fast and in the end, that is no bargain at all. Therefore, you should compare a bit and book early. The same is true for your accommodation. Maybe you know Yes someone who ever was in London and who can give you a good tip, then you know what you are getting into. Many hotels present themselves on the Internet better, when they spot are actually, so be sure holiday forums for further opinions and search for photos.

You get quickly a sense, which hotel is truly customer-friendly and what not. If you want to travel with more able or maybe do something different holiday, you can rent one of the apartments in London, representing numerous distributed it throughout the city. Thus, your vacation is not only much more authentic, but you save too much money because the apartments are not as expensive as hotels and even prepare to dine on demand can. There are also special offers, from which you can benefit. In London itself, you travel with the tube, the London Metro. It is simple and need to refer only briefly in what direction you travel and then simply follow the signs. If you get lost, actually, you need not fret, this can happen, but you just get off at the next stop and go back. Avoid the rush hour, it gets insanely full and hot! A great holiday in London!

EM Lyon Business School

France’s future elite feels very comfortable in the metropolitan region already the third year in a row is a student of the elite school EM Lyon in Furth to guest, to complete her six-month internship in an owner PR Agency the EM Lyon Business School is one of the four famous French to recruit the top of Economics and politics in France Grandes of ecoles, which. “All students get a mix of languages, theoretical knowledge and experience through group projects and internships”, tells Alice, 21, who completed just their Bachelorjahr. In may, I had two internships offers, one in London and the other in Furth. I was better here because I wanted to improve my German. In addition, horses are my passion and so it was perfect for me in terms of riding to work”. Background: The agency specializes in addition to traditional PR and marketing work on the area of horse riding-PR and Internet platforms for riding.

This includes also, a Datingplattform for horse enthusiasts. The owners, Ursula Kuhn and Markus Wockel it is that the aspiring manager cultural environment meet everyday work in a company, as well as very important: students are at first completely integrated into workflows and get a private project that guide them independently with support of agency management. Copy and coffee are not definitely the tasks”, says Kuhn. We are travelling a lot on trade fairs and events, so that trainees learn too much from their temporary home. The Agency is often cooked and eaten together, so that they know German family life. Germany has very good living conditions, and the Germans are very friendly and helpful. I also think that the Germans take more time than the French, to have rest and fun.

“Beer is a good example: there are no beer gardens in France and the French have not this tradition to meet around a beer”. Alice’ predecessor, 2007 has worked in the Agency as a trainee, wanted no longer home, because it has liked her so much in Furth and Nuremberg. Swiss francs can be so beautiful.