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Paulo Bragana

The University of Bragana was known in all the region for its experiences with peonhentos animals. Private, certain day Helena its for Amaznia ordered an agent that obtained to rare bring a unit of an arachnid, saying that it would make experiences for an antidote. Being thus, next to a specialist, they had made the crossing of this spider with another species, so that it procreated a new very poisonous species could thus appear; some younglings were kept in a private laboratory of the Unibra without nobody knew, and one more time it places its intention macabro in action. ' ' What its obscure mind would be planning now? ' ' Helena caught one of the spiders and freed it on the body of Menelau, that finished pricking it. In little time that fatal liquid ran in its veins and the victim had a cardiac arrest come to falecer. Its plan had materialize and nobody distrusted. The investigators of the policy had arrived at the conclusion of that everything had been a lamentable accident.

If feeling carried through, Helena if became the owner of whom it was of the husband. Everything did not pass of a mirabolante plan that was giving certain. Helena started to show for all who really was and for the city it made many badnesses. It cut to all the aid that the Unibra gave for the devoid people and cancelled the scholarships that Menelau always offered to the low income pupils. Members of the city hall tried an agreement with the reitoria of the university to come back what it was, but nothing advanced, its attitudes were irreducible, that they had been causing certain revolt enters the inhabitants of So Paulo Bragana and the people had started to hate it each time more. Its malvadezas did not stop for there. For where it wants that it passed, it made badly-creations and it esnobava to all, mainly humble people who did not have money, hated the sun, the children, air, the moon, the day and the night and all more.

Stella Martins Brescianni

Such facts take these workers if to identify between itself, despertando a feeling of revolt against the oppression which is submitted by its masters. It is the start of the organization of the laborers while classroom, what it characterized the factor most important of the life politics of England, of that moment. Maria Stella Martins Brescianni, in its workmanship ' ' London and Paris in Century XIX' ' also it tells the scioeconmica reality of the proletariat, the conditions sub-human beings the one who are submitted, it persists the negative image of the new industrial world, appears then a contingent of unemployeds, where the owners of the plants see as satiated and cheap man power to operate its machines. In the half of the century, after an epidemic of clera, some municipal administrative documents are unanimous in considering the immeasurable and chaotic growth of the city and its population as cause of pssimas conditions of housing in the old part of Paris. From this context that the author argues, being about a scene of insatisfao poverty, with the population growth of the cities and the social problems also if multiplying, the workers search a survival alternative, are distinguished leaderships of the way it proletariat, appear then organizations that search improvements, that is, something that come to facilitate the life of the workers, at that moment of uncertainties, through the union of the same ones, are born the working-class movement in England. Having as the one of the main leaders person of Robert Owen. He is under the leadership of Owen, that in the used year of 1844 a group of in a plant of Rochdalle in England, called to craftsmen or teceles, even so if dealt with workers of diverse crafts, existing between the same ones, different people of convivncias and ideologies, ones being socialist utopian, following of Robert Owen, others that nor had opinions politics.

Dbora Pappalardo

The abilities organizacionais are essential to the understanding of the business and its objectives, as well as the relations with the market and the macroeconomic environment and politician. These abilities generate the highly positive commitment with the results and stimulatons to the team. They allow, still, the management of the time, prioritizing tasks and establishing goals. The planning of tasks, the organization in the distribution of activities, beyond the perfect allocation of resources also is characteristic of organizacionais abilities. However, we could not leave to cite the two more excellent aspects of these abilities, which are, the leadership and the strategical performance.

To lead the people efficiently; to delegate, allowing that all are responsible and are felt as part of the business; to generate challenges and to extend chances. To identify talentos and to develop the potentialities of the team. To deal with equity the collaborators. The leader is who of the north to the team she directs and it to the performance reach that it takes care of to the necessities of the organization. The strategical performance foresees chances and threats, therefore it is connected to the environments internal and external, that influence directly in the results. The strategist is intent to the trends and innovations; with this, he undertakes efforts for the excellency of the team. We could not leave to cite the assertividade, as ability in expressing ideas, same position and emotions. The assertive one defends its rights, without disrespecting of the colleagues, arguing with extreme professionalism, without leaving itself to move for the emotions.

Neither, the holistic vision that allows an ample look of the organization. Today it is inconceivable to have an other people’s professional what it occurs to its redor. It is certain that we do not deplete the subject. Many are the abilities that if develop in elapsing of the organizacional life, in an extremely dynamic world where we live, where the information are spread almost that instantaneously. The organizations search, each time more, people with solid formation technique that, capable to cultivate ethical values, as justice, respect, tolerance and solidarity, demonstrate positive and adequate attitudes to the reach of results. Fact that values the strategical performance of the department of human resources and the care in the selective processes, is internalizados or terceirizados. Dbora Pappalardo

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