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Automatic Fire Alarm

Safety – for you it's a word that means something? You have taken all measures, for example, in case of fire, what will you do? That is, what tools you own at the moment – a bucket, hose …? Sure, there is unlikely to have it all, and if there is, then, is likely to be acquired for other purposes. What are the chances that it will fire in your home? And why do all these things will take place in my honest privatized territory? Unnecessary anxiety, Why? State the fact and is there to worry about us at all. Is it worth it for someone else to hope when life is at stake? After all, no one does not value his life as man himself, because anxiety is not in vain, it is necessary take appropriate action. And the most successful variant – burglar fire alarm. At its best to protect all living in the house and property. How is everything going on.

The task of alarm – fire detect and send signal to the control room. The rest – the case panel. The system can be equipped with special sensors that react to light, heat, smoke. With these sensors, we can say with confidence that you have purchased a security guard signaling. There are no models of such sensors, this is just going to fire alarms. Of course, the cost of the system amounts to a penny, so many at once intends to cut costs any way. Comes to mind only one thought – to install.

Is that so hard? Savings on the important things, perhaps, is transmitted in the womb. Must already be reconstructed by getting rid of this desire. Since excessive savings may result in disaster. Arguments to prove a lot. First – You do not want to pay twice? Installation shall be a person who has the permission and on your 'save' the inspector finds when it comes to check a document confirming the fact installation. Of course, it does not exist. You face a fine for this. The function of sensors in the wrong setting may be affected: they will be too late to react to stimuli – this is the second. So, the fire truck arrives later, and quite possibly a fire has time to leave an imprint on some of your things, and also look at the house. Third, if self-installation was not successful, and something was broken, maintenance fire alarm you have to pay out of pocket – no guarantee is to act in your case it will not. Fourth, consider whether to install an alarm yourself, if you will still expose themselves and their families at risk, and risk their lives – not in your best interest.

Romulo Betancourt

These leaders taught us, that unit in the actions and criteria is of utmost importance for political work yield their fruits. We were taught, that the fight is with patience but persistent and persevering, and that party discipline is an instrument of democratic struggle, derived from nearly seven decades of partisan organization’s existence. They taught us also, that democratic action is a polity, with a structure Yes, but that has a content, which is an ideological and programmatic, content based on values such as democracy, freedom and justice and that its decisions are sovereign, if taken within the framework of their statutes. We are very close, this September 13 to celebrate the 69th anniversary of the foundation of our democratic action, in the 1941 under the Presidency of Romulo Gallegos companion and the organizational and ideological record of our founding leader, fellow Romulo Betancourt, finding us in favourable conditions happen politician, this also next September 26, to achieve a plural and Democratic National Assemblywith our candidates to members list and circuit of the Democratic Unity table, as well as our indigenous candidates to the National Assembly and the Latin American Parliament, elected in accordance with clear rules, previously agreed to ultimately give a resounding defeat chavism-communism. For this reason, that at this historic moment, in which we are at the crossroads between a system of freedoms and a Communist system in our country, the only valid alternative in our disciplined and committed, militants criterion is ratify our struggle for democracy, as taught by the letter of the hymn written by fellow Andres Eloy Blanco in 1946: free and our homeland at the hands of his people with strength and reason. Without Mr without blemish, without tyrants, with peace, with the law, with the action. It must then act accordingly, and vote this September 26 for all candidates of the unit, in our case by the White cards of democratic action – as it always has been-, and Tawala national indigenous organization, as well as, implement discipline and organized all electoral operations required to take care that the election results are in correspondence with the popular will expressed through the vote. The departure of loved ones, but the struggle continues is hard and painful. Our sole alternative such as descalifica, and therefore, as committed to democracy, Venezuelans is followed on the historic road that started there in the years of hard and fierce dictatorship gomecista our founding leader, fellow Romulo Betancourt, by a Venezuela without tyrants, democratic and free. Forward to fight militiamen…CESAR TOVAR lamb, September 05, 2010 original author and source of the article!!


MOTHER Today, while it played some domestic tasks, I was conjeturando on the cycles of our life. It has some years behind, with my small children, I still I felt myself very unsafe in the mother paper, because until there, only what I wise person was to be son. Until it found strange very when they called me to the children mother. – Mother! But where she was the mother? She seems that this was not my paper. She will be that my mother if felt thus some day? Therefore since I knew that it, it already was eternalized in its paper of mother. Today, with my grown children, already I got used with the mother place. I concluded that they are the children who acquire knowledge in them of this, with that insistence in calling in them mother, with the constant requirements of our attention, they shelter in them to play the mother role and suddenly in we give account to them that we are in feeling ' ' the Me' '. Such which age our mother, with all the patience and overload that this function in subjects.

Only of the one pontadinha of unreliability when thinking, now that mine children are young, I are one of the strong columns of the home, are heard, obeyed, I that I have the reins of the situation, at last, are the main personage of my history. But the implacable cycle of the life in them will hit with the reality daqui to some years when to start in only giving secondary papers to them, later will be only figurantes, even definitively taking off in them of scene. Then it will be the time of my son to learn to play the mother role. there, then, will have importance the form as I played my role. If I left good examples when I was mother, if the home that I created had structure enough my offspring to use as model when to create the home of them. I wait that the day that I will be only the souvenir of the Mother, it is good, tender, example

Climbing The Ladder

Typically, by way of example, a person without distinction of sex, work eight hours a day for a company, developed the position of Manager, gets a salary that provides the basics of family support but the downside is that it works 40 hours usually the week where most of its free time you feel tired all the problems facing the company, to get home all I know how to pronounce are complaints from the business work, not so good deeds that helped him during the week, well in short, throughout the week the company also goes to the house, lives in the house and within the individual. I do not agree with this system, my point is that a person who values his life, his family, his social circle, it becomes time independent organization, works to enrich, works directly for himself.

The most beautiful thing is to look at the hands of a one dollar bill and think that I got this ticket based on my own effort, with my own business where I say I’m the owner is an independent businessman. Also be an Independent Business has its setbacks, victories, their sufferings, their joys, but at the end of the day are concerns and private happiness. Something I particularly support from all angles, as an example again say that an independent business is one that up his own business based on sacrifice, would be the seller of balloons in the square, he is an independent business, the income generated by their own based on his sacrifice, maybe you do not get good profits but the satisfaction of being independent is very valid for that poor man who merely carries out its activities by obtaining coins but only after all theirs. To begin with a business need to have objective goals, clear, knowing that we are doing to get good benefits, study the market and know what risks as well, but above all to have the entrepreneurial spirit to succeed. Independent Director Patricia Gonzalez in Spanish Adapted by: Patricia Gonzalez company Discover you as a simple business from home.