Monthly Archive: January 2014


In nature we have at our disposal a food that is delicious, healthy, economical which helps lose weight, it provides calcium to the bones, which is easy to digest, which benefits the gastrointestinal flora, which can be eaten alone, to the natural, with cereal, in soups, salads, casseroles, desserts, which is useful for skin, that everything can be achieved year and everywhere. This food, almost miraculous, is yogurt. Creamy he tasted with delight, its aroma is perceived to be soft and pleasant freshness fills the cavity oral for the pleasure of whoever eats it, this is a food with tradition, legend and of ancient origin. Many villages in the central regions of Europe know its great nutritional properties and a food highly prized, especially by nomadic peoples. This food is a live food, full of micro-organisms that are responsible for both food and medicinal properties. These living organisms that made an incredible role in our body are called Lactobacilli. Four of these can be found in yogurt and are: bulgaricus, casei, acidophilus and bifidus. It is recommended to consume when less once daily a portion of yogurt in their natural state mixed with cereals, because it balances the intestinal flora.

Remember that yogurt contains lactobacillus, and to include them in our food renews the intestinal flora, helps remove gases and therefore reduces bloating, stimulates the body’s defenses, since Lactobacilli Act how probiotic (Pro-life). They are microorganisms or the good bacteria, which quickly colonize the flora of the intestines, forming a natural barrier against harmful bacteria, i.e., bad. Many gastrointestinal ailments are used (anti life) broad spectrum antibiotics, which destroy all forms of bacterial life, or end up with bad and good. Why is recommended before, during and after treatment with antibiotics increase yoghurt consumption, to promote and strengthen the intestinal flora. To stimulate the body’s defenses, becomes in an effective advocate against common colds and other viral infections.

The Compadre

The compadre. Nothing worse to create, develop and maintain a culture of business excellence, as having a group of compadres in the company. The compadre, is very helpful, committed to the interests of its SOCIAL network, friends, fi eles and loyal, willing to what is needed to defend its honor code and their personal interests. They can not think having a bad gesture, an inadequate Word, in front of a member of the collective COMPADRES without borders, are a pineapple. They have very assumed and experienced, a strategy at work. Its motto is United without work, and apply it with resounding success, do not give a stick into the water, although many Pats on the back. To detect them, there are many techniques, one is dynamic inquiry.

The hands and arms of these characters, pick up a certain Vice in the movement to pay tribute to another of your network. Her smile is not natural, they force the facial gesture; they try to represent a scene bucolic in an atmosphere of intense professional frustration. To make sure that they are in front of one of them, try to have a serious conversation about matters of importance for the proper functioning of the company, for the improvement of the organisation of labour, etc. They check which react in two ways: they flee quickly, objecting any excuse, either change the theme of the conversation to sports themes, funny anecdotes in the heat of a straw. Fortunately it is very studied by the social sciences, and specifically by sociology and psychology of labour, the dynamics and functioning of the informal organization in the bosom of the companies. Although we must recognize, that we would need the advice of a social anthropologist, to understand the origins of this Guild of compulsive liabilities in the workplace.

-Compadre! Well live without stress Labor without syndrome of burnout, with the effective and profitable which is not complicate your life, that’s what are others.-the saddest thing when one listens to conversations of this nature, is suffering and work wear suffered by many professionals and workers, dedicated to their work duties, assume their responsibilities and being proactive performed his work and that of some compulsive liabilities. We can increase business performance and improve our labor satisfaction, if all together we increase the collective of committed SIN FRONTERAS, and subtract the number of compadres at all levels of the company. The Council of alministracion of the company, should pay close attention to the style of leadership and management of managers, avoiding the creation of a corporate culture of the CRONY, which both damage to the proper functioning of the company, with the corresponding loss of competitiveness.

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards can be divided into four groups, as any common deck. In addition, the values of the cards that are used to predict the future are the same as the traditional playing cards: from ACE to King, in each of the sticks. Only joins a letter extra the Royal family in the tarot cards: the page, and its position is just below la sota. The sticks are as follows: bastos, which generally refer to Esoteric spirituality and creativity matters; swords, which speak of conflicts and tensions; cups (or staves), which are always related to money; and the drinks, which deal with matters of the heart and relationships in general. The twenty-two remaining cards in a deck of tarot Standard are called major arcana, and are more than specific. Playing cards as the devil, La Torre and death are some of those who make up this outstanding group.

Now the question arises us: can anyone read and interpret a circulation of letters? O becomes necessary to resort to a specialist or Internet? The answer is that anyone can read the letters, with the appropriate level of preparation that the task requires. There is abundant literature, both on the web and in bookstores and libraries, completely suitable material to explain the meaning and message provided by each of the cards. It is that in the tarot deck, each card has a specific meaning, and a message or warning to who makes the query. Then, the good news is that there are no secrets in terms of which the deck wants to convey, and anyone can learn to interpret your messages. Played once the meaning of each of the cards of tarot, and that is not something that should be memorized; enough to take note when you make first print runs, many of them self to rehearse, can read and interpret all of the tarot deck, for others and for yourself, also. Any book that you see on the art of predictions will offer a detailed description on how to make runs, i.e. the form of position letters to understand their meaning in the context determined by the question carried out by the consultant.

The Bishop

And this 2010 have been a year in which Santo Padre aimed directly against us. He is that the atheists we do not have moral. That tells the present leader us of the more popular supernatural cult of last the two millenia. In his recent visit to London, soon after stepping on English ground, Ratzinger it gave a speech in which the tyranny exerted by the Nazis remembered, giving to understand that this type of phenomena is the product of the atheistic extremism. I do not have words to comment these declarations. I am not going to analyze the role that the Vatican in the political map of first half of century XX played and the bond that it had with the three great European totalitarian governments; nazism in Berlin, fascism in Rome, and the Francoism in Madrid.

To associate to nazism with the atheism is an unforgivable vile trick, for the man designated by Jesus Christ to even be its Earth representative. The Bishop of Rome, as all good catholic knows (or he would have to know), is infallible since, as he says the Gospel, which he decides in the Earth has immediate celestial validity. But beyond the impertinent thing of the association that the Pontiff does, its attack to those who we do not create in the supernatural explanation of the reality invites to me to reflect on its process of reasoning. It will be certain that the ones that we do not create in the magic tricks that a carpenter did of the North of Judea we are immoral? We are less morals than the ones than guide their life according to Yahv? I suppose that it is a legitimate question. The past year I seted out to find in the Sagradas Scriptures a divine justification for the opposition of the Christianity to the married union between people of the same sex.