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August Economic

Beyond the vast one coffee production that was exported, Is Joo Landmarks also had great importance for the metropolis, Rio De Janeiro, which supplied with products as rice, fabric, maize, indigo, aguardente, birds, pigs, sugar among others agricultural articles. With the proximity of the abolition, the region started to lose its economic importance, therefore, the hand of workmanship used in the production of the coffee, main Brazilian product at the time was exactly the slave. In 1873 Joo had about 7.810 slaves in Is Landmarks, falling for 3.064 in 1887. Passed ' ' boom' ' cofee tree, the region entered in process of economic decay, surviving through small productions for internal consumption and regional exportation, beyond cattle the extensive one. The 15 of August of 1890, Are Joo of the Prince were raised the category of city, with the denomination of Are Joo Landmarks, removing Are Joo of the Prince, to erase the souvenirs of the monarchy.

Unhappyly, some years later, the city started if to weaken. Its decay was in such a way politics how much economic and these factors had finished leading to a population weakness. Between 1898 and 1922, the number of inhabitants fell of 18.000 for 7.400. The region passed if to more come back each cattle time toward extensive and the horticulture. Many commerce if had closed and the transit of the railroads also diminished. Without conditions to carry through new infrastructure services and, less still, to conserve roads, the isolation of Is Joo Landmarks increased. Beyond factors as the fall in the coffee production and the sprouting of new roads, that made with that the number of people who passed that way diminished considerably, the presence of the Light, as it will be shown in the referring chapter to the destruction, was another responsible factor for the decay of the city and its consequent annexation to the River Clearly, that if it gave through decree 635 of 14/12/38.

Marx Organization

But more back she appeared Marx with its economic conception of the society since it affirmed that it was not more than the relations between the social groups, that is to say, the society is not another thing that the economic relations between the men. The man, when cooperating with other to satisfy his needs, settles down production relations. Of Marx he begins there to speak of superstructures and substructures. The defending denominated ones came later from " theory of conflicto" (although the marxism can be registered here also) that says that the men must compete by the access to the resources of the life and that the society is a device of organization to put in relation to this population of organisms. In century XIX the evolutionary theory was put to make sequences of development for the institutional scopes of the society. It was by all means, the beginning of the industrial revolution. Soon Durkheim, with its criterion of which the society cannot be considered a mere sum of the wills of the individuals but is an organization.

It appeared psychology-social and with them the ideas like interaction, symbols, social person. And they followed: the society in process, the units of social relations. And &quot appeared in the scene the word; comunidad". And by all means an evolutionary process of the word-concept similar to the narrated one. It is a local base for the society units, are aspects of the society such as regarding solidarity (communal concept) and the others more. The community concept has invaded many of the present discussions on the political organization. It is maintained, for example, that community comes to have something common. And a definition that she had written down in some old notebook and whose source I did not annex and that I especially like: " The communities are a form of solicitud". The certain thing is that I investigate and the word community is already in texts of Aristotle, but of so rancid ancestry passage to the concepts that the government of James Cameron in Great Britain is handling, a Tory government as it is known.

Identity For Society

For ends of this category we use the reflection of a student who says: ‘ ‘ People have lessons here that people if interest, like to study, because it is everything what people live daqui outside, therefore people finds more easy what the teacher teaches and people see same people in ours aulas’ ‘. (Daily of field, 29/03/2011). With this, we perceive that the integrant children of the MST not only meet submissas the transformations in the society, as well as participate of them, a time who militate together with its parents in favor of the agrarian reform. That is, participation and the inclusion in the processes politicians if is taught to them since very early, test of this, if of the one in the direction of that the children attend the existing meetings in the organization, as well as they travel with its familiar ones and they march for its fight. In this direction the employee says: ‘ ‘ That the pupils if feel daqui and are as if the school was the second house, because they play, if amuses and likes to study here.

I also feel very well here and taste very of this escola’ ‘. (Daily of field, 14/04/2011). 4,3 Formation politics For ends of this category we use the reflection of the teacher who says: ‘ ‘ Education of this place is differentiated, because, the students, are dealt with different form of the ones that are treated in the schools, from there ones of the factors that differentiate this school of the others. Here it is valued what the citizen is and we do not want that it is devaluated and disrespected for its values, customs, quite to the contrary, we make with that the children see as they are important in society, therefore is that we give lessons on citizenship and politics so that when they grow are politicized beings and fight inside for its rights of the society, at the same time they also fulfill with its deveres’ ‘.

How To Write An Essay

Yes, but before writing to learn a little about this form of writing. Experts agree that is a literary composition and its object is to present the ideas of an author on a subject so almost always very specific. Sometimes it presents a brief and informal style, gaining some difference with other forms of exposure. From the above explanation can infer that there are two main protagonists in the task of writing an essay: the subject and author. Well, in this genre the author is free to approach the topic from their own point of view, according to their knowledge, the way you view the world, his values and in general his training as a person dedicated to seeing the world from their own perspective. But beware: when someone has made up its mind about an item must defend and how to do this is based on arguments.

So there you have the writer's second most important task after the election of the item and find arguments to support the position it assumes. And let us go by the choice of topic. The issue is not as easy as it seems at first. To determine whether an item is suitable must meet at least the following requirements: What interests you as an author that has an audience interested in reading about this subject that has the possibility to obtain information concerning the case which can take an honest stance firm and defensible. Once the choice of topic should soak up more about it.

Abu Dhabi Mansur Bin Zayed

I am already player of City. Happy for being in this club" , it has written. Its exit of the Athletic one of Madrid was a reality for a long time. The rumors on a male to another Spanish club have been in anything. The Argentine forward Sergio ' Kun' Omen, until now player of the Athletic one of Madrid, announced east Wednesday its signing by the Manchester City. I am already player of City. Happy for being in this club and this city. Thanks to all by the welcome and the reception! " , it indicated the forward, of 23 years, in its account of Twitter.

The team of sheik Abu Dhabi Mansur Bin Zayed to the Nahian has still not announced officially the signing of the player of the Athletic one of Madrid. The Argentine forward was received today with estusiasmo by the followers of City in the Etihad stage of Manchester (North of England) after the people in charge of the club informed in the social network of which she was negotiating his crossing there. First thing this morning the son-in-law of Diego Arming Maradona already had used the social network Twitter to inform into which he was in Manchester stops to complete the details of the company/signature with City and to say that everything went " very bien". The average British assure that the Manchester City will fichar to Omen by five seasons by a considered amount of 45 million Euros, the clause of rescission of the contract of the player with the Athletic one of Madrid. Signing stars the Argentine forward would become the signing record of the team of sheik Mansur Bin Zayed to the Nahian, having surpassed the one of the Brazilian Robinho, coming from the Real Madrid and by which the Manchester City paid 32.5 million pounds (37 million Euros) in 2008. According to the average British, the equipment directed by the Italian Mancini Robert will pay ' Kun' Omen 200,000 weekly pounds (227,000 Euros). Coming from Argentina, the player arrived this morning at Manchester and later he passed a medical examination in a hospital of the city. The negotiations with the people in charge of City took with calm and Omen had time to leave the Etihad stage at noon to go to eat and to continue talking in the evening, until finally he was the own player who announced his signing to last hour. Source of the news: ' Kun' Omen announces by Twitter its signing by the Manchester City