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Drucker Man

In general, the controlling only arrive the controlling because of this. But the leaders congregate mannering and psychological characteristics that detach them in the way it group. Peter Drucker, says: that ' ' The only definition of leader is somebody that possesss followers. Some people are thinking. Others, prophet. The two papers are important and very necessary. But, without followers, they cannot exist lderes.' ' For it, ' ' The efficient leader is not somebody loved and admired.

He is somebody whose followers make the certain things. Popularity is not leadership. Results yes! ' ' & ldquo; Silence – not it discord – is the only reply that the true leaders would have to recursar aceitar& rdquo;. Warren Bennis. Cineasta 4 Spanish Buuel Luiz costumava to say ' ' It would give my life for a man who is in search of the truth, but would disdain with all my indifference a man who believes to have joined verdade' '.

In addition, each one of us has experiences, values, interests, motivations, yearnings, differentiated preferences and certainties. We need to respect to admit and to coexist individual differences. This comes to be flexibility, one of the many abilities to be developed for that they lead. A LITTLE OF HISTORY Since the times most remote, the primitive men already had head and, moreover, since the birth, the human being already is accustomed to obey the parents and the professors until the ending of the studies. Therefore, the people are few who are prepared for real autonomy e, when they need to take a decision important, they feel themselves lost or misadjusted for being accustomed to be directed. The nature and the exercise of the leadership have been object of study of the man throughout its history. Bernard Bass (2007) argues that ' ' since its infancy, the study of history it has been the study of the leaders – what and why they had made and what fizeram' '.


As well as colonialismo, the word imperialism is not something new in history, but data for Lnin of century XX gained one at the beginning meaning special. The imperialism concept was on to the development of the capitalism. In the superior phase of the capitalism (1947) Lenin it foresaw that the occidental countries would dominate not-industrialized countries to support its growth and, opportunely, the remaining portion of the world would be absorbed by the European capitalists. This period of training of the capitalist development and this global form of domination could be called imperialism. In England, the imperial phase was tied with the all the types of cultural ideology. The racial ideology was crucial for the establishment of the empire.

The imperialism in this in case that he were on to the idea of a civilizadora mission, to the estimated one of the racial superiority e, the basic difference between civilization and savagery. With this, the civilizadora mission assumed a basic differentiation between the races white and not white. The imperialism can be defined as a system economic of penetration and control of markets without necessarily having the control direct politician, as in the case of the American imperialism which was overwheling some nations for a considered amount of time. Now, thinking about After-Colonialismo we must have in mind that to define the term after-colonial or after-colonialismo is not an easy task, therefore has been subject of an interminable debate. These terms have been contested for many critics. The prefix ‘ ‘ ps’ ‘ , for example, it is contested by its meaning, therefore of a idea to come later or supplanting.

For some critics, if the consequences of the colonialismo still are visible gifts and, then he is one I exaggerate premature to announce the end of the colonialismo. It must be considered that a country can be at the same time politically independent, however economically and culturally to be dependent. One has suggested that it is more useful to think about after-colonialismo not only as what it comes after the colonialismo (in this case this would mean its end) but yes of one it forms more flexible, that would englobaria the plea of the colonial domination and the legacies of the colonialismo.

SDA Points

In King the game results are evaluated by scoring in bribes. King is the birthplace of England. In comparison, for example, with preference this game is less complicated. Sometimes even the king is called "ladies' preference." It basic version of the game. It involved four players.

The deck consists of 32 cards (a deck of 36 cards in all the six are removed). Rent the entire deck, and, thus, is in the hands of eight cards. The first move belongs to player to the left of the dealer. In subsequent cases, the first player to act is the participant who took the previous trick. On vyhozhennuyu card, be sure to put a map of the same suit, but in the absence thereof – dump any card. For every bribe the player is charged 2 points. The first circle is called the "do not take bribes." The total amount of bribes is 8, and therefore the total amount of penalty points is 16.

After drawing and writing score card deals the player who sits to the left from the previous SDA yuschego. The second round game is called "do not take the boys" (ie jacks). And the players receive 4 penalty points for each jack to a bribe. The third circle is called the "do not take girls" (ie, ladies). For every woman in bribes to the player awarded four penalty points. The fourth round game is called "not to take the worms." And the player is charged with 2 penalty points for each card Chervonnaya suit, which he took in bribes.