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Drucker Man

November 26th, 2013

In general, the controlling only arrive the controlling because of this. But the leaders congregate mannering and psychological characteristics that detach them in the way it group. Peter Drucker, says: that ' ' The only definition of leader is somebody that possesss followers. Some people are thinking. Others, prophet. The two papers are important and […]


November 19th, 2013

As well as colonialismo, the word imperialism is not something new in history, but data for Lnin of century XX gained one at the beginning meaning special. The imperialism concept was on to the development of the capitalism. In the superior phase of the capitalism (1947) Lenin it foresaw that the occidental countries would dominate […]

SDA Points

November 13th, 2013

In King the game results are evaluated by scoring in bribes. King is the birthplace of England. In comparison, for example, with preference this game is less complicated. Sometimes even the king is called "ladies' preference." It basic version of the game. It involved four players. The deck consists of 32 cards (a deck of […]

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