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European Finance Center

In England the first of April is the day of the jokes, but 2009 was a day very seriously. That is the date when Obama arrived in London and when thousands of anti-capitalist protesters shook the City, the main European Finance Center. The British capital is characterized by an excellent transport system, but on Wednesday 01-04-09 all buses stopped before reaching the perimeter surrounding the neighborhood of banks. In the protests, several buildings were attacked and one person died, something very unusual in a democracy that prides itself on protecting lives. Up early in the morning had not overcome those hurdles and the hundreds of people who attended the English debut of the excellent afro-criolla band Nova Lima should overcome obstacles while the helicopter flew over the night. The next day began the Summit of the 20 most powerful leaders of the world. The appointment came in the Excel centre next to the City Airport. I went there but all 3 the train stations that give to this place were closed and all the area was full of policemen with luminous vests and pro guard. The Government managed to avoid that people get close to the Summit and that the large unions that obey him sumasen to the marches. Isaac Bigio is an international analyst. Write to dozens of media on 5 continents. He received degrees and postgraduate courses in history and economic policy at the London School of Economics & Political Sciences. In this one, considered the leading international university specializing in social sciences, he has also taught political science and public administration. Original author and source of the article.